15 LatAm startups selected for Mana Tech’s Miami immersion program

By Nancy Dahlberg

Mana Tech and its Base Miami program are bringing 15 Latin American startups together for 32 days of virtual and in-person coaching and training running through April 14. The program culminates with a Miami Immersion Week and a Demo Day.

The training and coaching program is hosted by a group of international professionals in the tech sector, including Moishe Mana, CEO of Mana Common, which includes Mana Tech, Charly Esnal, Managing Director of Mana Tech and co-founder of the Base Miami initiative, and Mariano Amartino, Microsoft Startups Director for Americas. The goal is to help the participating startups expand into the United States.

For Esnal, the program and Immersion Week was the result of five years of learning in terms of what entrepreneurs from Latin America are looking for: education and also immersion into Miami’s ecosystem. “We did programs with Peru, Chile, Colombia and Brazil and those were  government focused. This is the first time that went out to the community in Latin America. This program was open to anybody that wanted to participate,” he said in an interview with Refresh Miami.

Over 150 entrepreneurs applied for the 15 spaces in the program. “It shows how our ecosystems brand has grown because the interest has been massive,” Esnal said.

As part of Mana Tech, Base Miami had already held an immersion week focused on edtech last year and an online bootcamp before that, and this program combines both the online and the immersion focus, Esnal said. “We wanted to make sure that when they get to Miami, they’re ready, they know who they have to meet with, they know what their value proposition is, etc. The goal was to try to find the best entrepreneurs and get them immersed in the  Miami ecosystem.”

The program has two tracks, one focused on selling in the US and another on fundraising; the entrepreneurs can focus on one or do both, he said. During their 5 days in Miami, they will have morning events with relevant VCs, ecosystem leaders and sales experts and fireside chats in the evenings with Latin founders who will share their learnings. In between they have all those meetings they have already arranged.  Demo Day will be an in-person event with US investors that includes a pitch competition.

Esnal said the program is one part of a bigger vision. “Mana Tech’s vision is to establish the ultimate entrepreneurship hub here in Miami by bringing together international entrepreneurs with investors and mentors so they can  fully realize their potential and harness the power of community and knowledge sharing. We’re also going to be doing events and opening up spaces to community events and co-working,” Esnal said, adding that venture funding is also in the plans.

The Demo Day will be the evening of April 14. Here are the 15 companies selected for the immersion program (descriptions provided by Mana Tech):

  • MV Sales & Logistics: A platform able to automate all commercial and logistic processes in a single solution, allowing clients to guide conversations and decisions in real time.
  • Slik: An all-in-one solution to measure, analyze, address and continuously improve collaborator experience, with all the information stored in the cloud, unleashing the ultimate potential of collaborators and organizations.
  • IT Alliance: An ally for companies in the exploration, diagnosis and implementation of SAP solutions, focusing on the recommendation of technological tools, which generate and multiply value in the business actions.
  • Suplait: They streamlined B2B purchasing, connecting different areas of a business to a network of thousands of suppliers so that they can find offers more quickly and centralize, digitize, and automate all their processes on a single platform.
  • BucksApp: A SaaS company that provides business intelligence solutions to financial institutions through an in-house-developed API and SDK 100% cloud based, improving financial institution’s profitability. 
  • CloudShore: An AI-based platform that helps detect anomalies in a company’s transaction, to boost productivity in $1Bn+ companies using SAP, augmenting the human workforce.
  • DaMap Tech: Automatic financial reconciliations’ platform using advanced algorithms and machine learning to match transactions across different systems.
  • Mockup Studio: A digital marketing studio that offers highly impactful and visually interactive web products, delivering projects with a high level of visual experience and interaction for their clients (UX Web Design + Software Development).
  • Triidy: Triidy helps scale e-commerce businesses quickly and with more sales capacity, all thanks to Triidy Boost, a financial tool to invest in marketing, product, and logistics.
  • VSaaS.ai: Video surveillance using Artificial Intelligence as a service (VSaaS) and as a new proposal to create products focused on implementing analytical video and artificial intelligence.
  • CodigoDelSur: A software, web, and mobile app development shop that also helps clients with usability, growth hacking, engagement, monetization, and other non-technical knowledge.
  • InfoControl: Allows businesses to manage, operate and control the labor, pension and tax documentation of their company’s contractor staff.
  • SkyBlue Analytics: They provide traders with the best Options Trading Analytics, combined with in-house machine learning algorithms and calculations on the underlying asset for the most profitable trading results. 
  • RENT: Rent helps people get Participation Accounts in US Dollars backed by real estate in the United States, generating monthly returns in dollars from rental income and property appreciation.
  • Vlozity: Vlozity offers solutions to companies to facilitate their international transfers allowing companies to collect payments in the United States (via ACH, Wire or SWIFT) and then transfer those funds to LATAM (Argentina, Peru, Colombia, among others) via local bank transfer or stablecoins, in a legal and documented manner.

Photo at top of post: The Mana Tech Immersion Group at an event in Uruguay. From left to right: Charly Esnal, head of Mana Tech; Etienne Gillard – Head of Ventures, Mana Tech; Jeff Snider – Lead Instructor, Mana Tech; Moishe Mana of Mana Common, which includes Mana Tech; Inés Lucena – Project Manager, Mana Tech; Matías Barbero – Head of Operations & Partnerships, Mana Tech.

Photo from Mana Tech’s Building the Bridge program in Uruguay in October

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