$2M FirmPilot fundraise signals bright future for AI-powered law-firm marketing platform

By Riley Kaminer

As a lawyer, the name of the game is maximizing your billable hours. But spending too much time focusing solely on client work can translate into not enough time spent on building your business.

FirmPilot can help. The Miami-based startup has developed a platform to help lawyers infuse artificial intelligence into their marketing efforts, ultimately enabling them to get more leads and clients.

To fuel this mission, FirmPilot has announced a $2 million seed fundraise led by Valor VC. Additional FirmPilot investors include Saas Ventures, Early Light, and Integral.

Founder Jake Soffer noted in a statement that FirmPilot’s platform “has the ability to analyze over 2 million data points before automatically creating authentic SEO-optimized content for law firms.”

“Automated SEO, advertising, and content delivered on time and in one click,” Soffer [pictured above] continued. “No more wasted calls or back-and-forth editing. AI identifies what your ideal clients are googling and automatically creates high-quality marketing content.”

FirmPilot identifies a lawyer’s top three competitors to predict how to rank higher than them on Google. Its competitive intelligence feature automatically creates new website and social media content that tracks with what potential customers are searching. Through FirmPilot’s platform, users can monitor all their marketing activities in a single dashboard. 

So why trust FirmPilot? The platform has already analyzed upwards of five million pieces of legal content, integrating over 100 marketing strategies used by top law firms. That’s resulted in 12 million leads generated thus far. And as FirmPilot continues to grow, its AI-powered software will continue to learn – creating an ever-improving product. FirmPilot works across all legal sub sectors, with a focus on immigration, divorce, personal injury, and criminal law.

Soffer, a web developer by training, began working on FirmPilot in May 2023. He is also the founder of Rollio AI, a platform that enables Salesforce users to more effectively leverage their data.

Startups continue to disrupt the staid legal industry, with the legal tech subsector accounting for $24.62 billion in 2022 – a figure that researchers predict will double within the next decade. And South Florida stands to benefit from this growth, with a variety of legal tech companies here, including PeopleClerk, Athliance, Greenlight, CAT Labs, and others. This is in addition to the Fort Lauderdale-based VC LegalTech Fund’s $28.5 million legal tech fund.


Riley Kaminer