35 Mules announces 3rd cohort. Let’s meet them.

Florida Power & Light has welcomed seven startups into the 3rd cohort of the 35 Mules program.

Danielle Mousseau, Manager of Economic Development for FPL’s 35 Mules program, says 35 Mules is an in-house innovation hub that is working to develop South Florida’s startup ecosystem.

“35 Mules helps entrepreneurs bring their game-changing ideas to life faster, smarter, and at scale. We encourage startups to grow their businesses in the state and contribute to Florida’s growing innovation ecosystem,” she said in an earlier interview with Refresh Miami.

The program is 12 to 18 months long, and is different depending on the needs of each cohort. It is agnostic to stage and agnostic to industry. It is not just energy focused, and it recruits companies from around the world, Mousseau said. [Read more about 35 Mules here]

The third class of innovators includes:

AeonCharge – Enables EV drivers to access any charging station in North America through their preferrded interface.

Cambio – Software that helps commercial real estate companies and their corporate tenants decarbonize their buildings by ingesting simple building data normally manually collected by building engineers to measure the carbon footprint of each building and provide data-driven retrofit recommendations.

Chemergy – Builds solutions to solve our environmental and energy challenges by converting organic and plastic waste into green hydrogen.

Cypienta – An AI solution that correlates seemingly disparate events and uncovers coordinated attacks that would otherwise go unnoticed and impact our infrastructure.

Fire Neural Network uses cutting edge AI to save lives, protect property, and help fight against climate change. FNN quickly and accurately locates lightning-initiated wildfires and powerline damages.

Noteworthy AI – Provides fleet vehicle-mounted smart cameras and AI that help utilities evaluate the condition of the electric distribution grid at-scale while reducing O&M costs.

Ocellott – An electronics engineering company that creates innovative solutions to electrify the current and the next generation of aircraft, the eVTOL “electric takeoff and landing” in a safe manner.

Stay tuned to www.35mules.com for information on applying to the next cohort.


Nancy Dahlberg