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5 questions with the new owner of BrightGauge

5 questions with the new owner of BrightGauge


By Nancy Dahlberg

You may have heard the news last week: BrightGauge has been acquired.

Many in the Miami tech community know brotherly co-founders Brian and Eric Dosal, who built BrightGauge into a leading company that supports the needs of small to medium sized IT service providers. BrightGauge’s software lets thousands of MSPs view all their important business metrics in one place, leveraging data from a full range of popular channel solutions including the Continuum platform.

Now Continuum, the Boston-based company that provides a platform for MSPs to simplify their IT management and deliver exceptional service to their end clients, is BrightGauge’s new owner. According to the press release, “the move allows Continuum partners to benefit from the world’s leading business intelligence platform for MSPs and brings greater resources to BrightGauge for accelerated product development and customer support.” Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

BrightGauge, the Coral Gables company founded in 2011, has built a reputation for excellent service, first and foremost, but also for the strong team the Dosals assembled and for its company culture. People really enjoy working there.

The Dosals once told me they took pride in the way they went about hiring their team. They required applicants to write why they wanted to join the company and why they believed they were a good fit because the Dosals were looking for people who wanted more than a paycheck. Their recruits came from a variety of fields, too. The company has grown nearly four-fold in just the past three years; it now has about 30 employees.

Former BrightGauge President Brian Dosal (pictured below) will be helping with the transition, but being the serial entrepreneur that he is, he will be moving on to his next venture:  building a new startup with his brother.

“We’re beyond proud of what we’ve built with BrightGauge and now excited to replicate some of that magic with our new venture, Strety, a people management platform,” said Dosal. “Continuum’s mission of empowering MSPs with the confidence and solutions they need to scale perfectly positions them to accelerate BrightGauge’s next chapter of growth.”

We wanted to go beyond the press release and bring you some comments from the new owner. Steve Cardillo (pictured below), Vice President of Corporate Development at Continuum, provided the responses.


Why was Continuum attracted to BrightGauge?

Continuum has been following BrightGauge since their inception 8 years ago. We have been consistently impressed by the company’s co-founders, brothers Brian and Eric Dosal, and their commitment to bringing a powerful yet easy-to-use reporting & analytics solution to the managed service provider (MSP) market. Over the past few years, BrightGauge has established themselves as the clear market leader in delivering the best-in-class business intelligence products purpose-built for today’s MSP ecosystem and this leadership position further increased our interest in working with them.

Continuum shares BrightGauge’s dedication to helping MSPs run more effective and efficient businesses, and we are very excited to now be able to both accelerate BrightGauge’s growth in the open market as well as enhance the reporting and analytical capabilities available to Continuum partners.

What can Continuum bring to BrightGauge, and vice versa?

To BrightGauge, Continuum brings a committed, global team and resources that will accelerate BrightGauge’s momentum in the market while also supporting the company’s growth as it scales, ensuring a market-leading product and also customer support. To Continuum, BrightGauge brings the market-leading reporting and analytics solution for MSPs, which will enable its partners to run even more effective and efficient businesses.

Will BrightGauge continue under the same name?

 Yes, Continuum plans to maintain the BrightGauge brand for the foreseeable future. It is a trusted name synonymous with bringing insights to MSPs and doing so in a 100% vendor-neutral way – two principal tenets we will preserve and invest in going forward. This approach will continue to be underlined by BrightGauge’s vendor-neutral approach to platform integration, offering MSPs the continued freedom to integrate their choice of solutions for a complete picture of their business performance.

BrightGauge has a very good reputation for the standout company culture it has developed. Employees truly like working there because of their personal development opportunities and they stay. How do you plan to continue that?

At Continuum, we were attracted to BrightGauge’s incredible culture and believe it is a major contributor to their historical success. As such, we have created an integration plan that focuses on preserving this culture and continuing to invest in the BrightGauge team.

 BrightGauge will continue to operate as a standalone organization, with essentially all employees based in the existing Coral Gables, FL-based office. BrightGauge CRO, Larry Garcia, who has been with the company for over 5 years, has been elevated to office lead and will do an excellent job carrying forward the BrightGauge culture. Further, as Continuum increases its investment in BrightGauge, new and expanded growth opportunities will be created for the team across all functions.

What will BrightGauge’s next chapter of growth look like?

BrightGauge is on a fantastic path and we believe that strong momentum is just getting started. Continuum’s major focus areas will remain, first in helping BrightGauge further establish themselves as the de facto reporting, business intelligence and analytics platform for the tens of thousands of MSPs that exist worldwide, regardless of their PSA/RMM/BDR/etc. platform. Secondly, we’ll also be dedicated to improving and expanding the BrightGauge-Continuum integration to provide Continuum partners with even better insight into running effective and efficient businesses.

We couldn’t be more excited to get started on the next chapter of BrightGauge’s growth and success!


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