50 companies selected to present at upcoming Florida Venture Capital Conference. See who’s pitching from South Florida

The Florida Venture Forum, the state’s largest statewide support organization for investors and entrepreneurs, today announced the companies selected to present at its flagship 2024 Florida Venture Capital Conference Jan. 31-Feb. 1 in Miami.

The 50 selected startups, including 15 from South Florida, is a record number for the conference; 14 of them come from outside Florida. They will be pitching in three main groups: Growth Stage, Early Stage and Healthcare. The healthcare companies will be presenting during the Locke Lord Healthcare Summit, which is new this year for the conference.

 “The selection committees for each sector were impressed with the quantity and quality of applicants and while they hoped for an easier selection process because of the segmentation, selection has gotten even more competitive. We are excited to announce the presenting companies,” Ben Patz, Managing Partner at DeepWork Capital and Florida Venture Forum Selection Chair.

The upcoming conference is an annual gathering of investors and entrepreneurs. Last year it was also in Miami and attracted more than 700 attendees, a record number. Find out more about the FVCC here.

Here are the South Florida companies pitching (descriptions provided by Florida Venture Forum):

AeonCharge (https://www.aeoncharge.com/): The Miami company enables electric vehicle (EV) drivers to access any charging station across network operators through their preferred interface – in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system, their favorite parking apps, or a preferred route planner. Through their proprietary JustPlug technology, easily start and pay and start any charging session simply by plugging in the charger. This company will be presenting at the FPL Early Stage Track.

Anatomie (https://anatomie.com/): The Miami company is a fashionable travel and leisure apparel company with a cultlike following from the most enviable customer segments. Mindful of the planet and its people, Anatomie seeks to empower and inspire clients to travel their world in comfort and style. This company will be presenting at the Growth Stage Track.

Aqualung Therapeutics (https://www.aqualungtherapeutics.com/): The Juno Beach company is a biotech company that has developed a next generation mAb that targets an upstream protein/biomarker (eNAMPT), which treats “unchecked inflammation and fibrosis”. This platform technology can treat numerous inflammatory conditions and is designed to address the unchecked inflammation and fibrosis elicited by dysregulated innate immunity pathways. This company will be presenting during the Locke Lord Healthcare Summit.

Cypienta (https://cypienta.com/): The North Palm Beach startup is the only solution that truly connects the dots in the sea of cyber security events, correlating seemingly disparate events, and uncovering stealthy coordinated attacks that would otherwise go unnoticed. While existing incident correlation solutions use rule-sets to find well-known attack scenarios, Cypienta’s models leverage event abstraction and probabilistic sequential detection to expose targeted attacks lurking in an organization. This company will be presenting at the FPL Early Stage Track.

Cytonics Corporation (https://cytonics.com/): The Jupiter-based company is developing therapies for osteoarthritis. Their technology resides in the cartilage-protecting activity of a blood protein called “A2M,” which potently inhibits the catabolic enzymes that destroy cartilage in arthritic joints. Faced with the opportunity to capture an enormous global market (est. $200-400B spent globally on palliative treatments for joint pain and inflammation), we commercialized a therapy predicated on Platelet Rich Plasma. Called the “Autologous Protease Inhibitor Concentrate” (APIC) system, this first-generation treatment for osteoarthritis concentrates A2M from patients’ blood for direct injection into damaged joints. This company will be presenting during the Locke Lord Healthcare Summit.

EVQLV (www.evqlv.com/): The Surfside-based company uses their technology to generate antibody sequences that we then license to our clients. The antibody sequences are the recipes to produce the AI-designed antibodies. The sequences are deeply valuable products to biotechs because they serve as foundational IP. And because the sequences have been screened by AI before the lab, the risk of failure is lowered. This company will be presenting as part of the Locke Lord Healthcare Summit.

Freebee (www.ridefreebee.com): The Miami company is transforming public transit, focusing on first and last-mile connectivity. Their innovative service offers FREE on-demand, 100% electric transportation seamlessly integrated into municipalities, universities, and private transit networks, reducing car dependency for vibrant, vehicle-free communities. In simple terms, they’re connecting people with the world around them, while aiding economic development, and advocating for a greener earth. This company will be presenting at the Growth Stage Track.

Intelligent Observation (http://www.intelobserve.com/): The Miami company is the market leading SaaS platform used by Hospitals to reduce Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s) and their associated costs. Intelligent Observation’s hand hygiene compliance monitoring and improvement system uses unique, patented technology to accurately monitor hand hygiene compliance of clinical staff members before, during and after patient interactions. This company will be presenting at the Growth Stage Track.

Keybe (https://keybe.ai/): The Miami company’s AI-powered SaaS streamlines conversational commerce to enhance business conversions by enabling sales agents to focus on closing deals, free from operational burdens and limitations. This company will be presenting at the Growth Stage Track.

Mavi.io ( https://mavi.io/): The Miami company brings easy, curated shopping to the dashboards of customers’ vehicles. Thei payment-enabled Connected Cars meet the needs of the “I Need It Now” economy, integrating location, ordering, product recommendation, payment, and pickup. MAVI’s marketplace connects retailers to their customers, at their Point of Hunger! While they are en route, doing their day! This company will be presenting at the FPL Early Stage Track.

Myosin Therapeutics (https://www.myosintherapeutics.com/): The Jupiter company is revolutionizing healthcare by developing molecular nanomotor-targeted therapies that address the root causes of diseases. Our leading candidates, MT-110 and MT-125, represent groundbreaking therapeutics for substance use disorders and various cancers, including Glioblastoma, a $3B market opportunity with a life expectancy of less than 12 months post-diagnosis. MT-110 and MT-125 are set to enter clinical trials in H2 2024. Through strategic partnerships with the Mayo Clinic and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), they have seamlessly advanced this technology and licensed the intellectual property. This company will be presenting as part of the Locke Lord Healthcare Summit.

OKY (https://okyapp.com/): The Miami company builds technologies that help immigrants to improve their lives, connecting families and sending value home efficiently. The Company’s products enable people to participate in the digital economy, connecting and sharing goods and services with friends and family through the OKY App, or at more than 6,000 retail locations across the U.S. This company will be presenting at the Growth Stage Track.

Streann Media (http://www.streann.com/): The Doral-based company enables content owners to create a unique ‘TikTok meets Netflix’ experience for their end-users, unlocking new monetization and engagement opportunities through AI, AR, and social content platforms, accessible across all screens. This company will be presenting at the Growth Stage Track.

SwiftSync Corporation (http://www.swiftsync.net/): The Miami-based company is the developer of a patented dual-chamber temporary pacing catheter. This company will be presenting as part of the Locke Lord Healthcare Summit.

Zulu Pods (http://www.zulupods.com/): The Fort Lauderdale company is committed to providing innovative fluid delivery solutions that radically simplify mechanical systems architecture to enhance performance, safety, and survivability for the next generation of U.S. Military assets. Zulu Pods designs and manufactures the tide pod for the jet engine, gearboxes and transmissions. They specialize in short duration lubrication system design. This company will be presenting at the FPL Early Stage Track  

Find the full list of presenting companies here.

The photo at the top of this post, during a panel discussion of healthtech startups, was taken during the 2023 Florida Venture Capital Conference, which was also in Miami. Read our recap of that 2023 conference here.   

Nancy Dahlberg