A year after arriving in South Florida, Easymetering doubles its team amid rapid smart-grid growth

By Riley Kaminer

It’s a Boca Raton success story. In late 2021, Ecuadorian startup Easymetering landed in South Florida as part of Florida Atlantic University’s Global Ventures Program – expanding the relationship the company had cultivated with the university since 2012.

Easymetering’s main products are broadband-enabled smart meters and an ‘advanced metering platform as a service’ that uses cellular technologies. President and founder Byron Rojas is an engineer and serial entrepreneur who came up with the concept for Easymetering through his frustration that smart meters aren’t smart enough.

“Easymetering has been using cellular telecommunication for a long time because, technologically, it’s better than other offerings in the market,” Rojas told Refresh Miami. “We also deliver a service that helps electric utilities cut back on operational expenses.”

Byron Rojas, founder and president of Easymetering. Above is the Easymetering team.

When we last caught up with Easymetering, in December 2021, their team was 25 people strong – a figure that has since more than doubled. Rojas also signaled that the company has seen explosive revenue growth as well, but he was unable to share these figures publicly. “This shows the excellent path Easymetering is on and demonstrates that our business plan and strategy are working out,” he said.

Most of Easymetering’s customers are electric utilities. The majority of their 10 customers are in Latin America and the Caribbean. But the expansion stateside has enabled the company to start pitching to potential US customers as well.

In Chile, Easymetering’s broadband-enabled smart meters are one of only two metering technologies that have been approved by the CNE (the National Energy Commission of Chile). Only two metering technologies have been approved. The company is working with commercial partners from several Latin American countries to launch advanced metering infrastructure projects inside each country’s electric utility service as well.

Closer to home, Easymetering is planning to set up what it calls a ‘living lab’ of cellular technologies at FAU’s Research Park. The idea is that this initiative will help foster the development of new use cases and applications of Easymetering’s technologies – leveraging FAU’s deep pool of talent along the way.

June 5th through 9th, Easymetering will take part in the Utilities Technology Council’s flagship conference in Fort Lauderdale. This industry group brings stakeholders together from across the utilities industry in the US and abroad. “At UTC, we hope to find new potential partners and companies to work with,” said Rojas.

Easymetering has also inked a deal with telecom giant Ericsson. Rojas explained that he hopes this partnership will help spread the word about Easymetering’s unique offering. “It is a marketing partnership and contributes to that aim to let the market know the plans of both our companies regarding the benefits that we can provide for utilities using applications on cellular telecommunication infrastructure.”

Looking forward, Easymetering is hoping to raise funds to accelerate its expansion. “We are committed to our strategy of driving innovative solutions to accelerate the energy matrix transition to renewable energy sources, electromobility, energy efficiency, and smart grid technologies,” asserted Rojas.


Riley Kaminer