Beam me up, Miami! Proto opening studio for human-size ‘holoportation’

Proto can beam in Paris Hilton, or anyone else anywhere in the world for real-time fully interactive experiences, enabling them to save time, money and carbon impact vs physical travel.

Proto is the patented inventor of devices for human-sized holograms and the platform that makes holoportation a reality. Its customers include Fortune 500 companies, top universities, sports arenas, major retailers and more. What’s more, Proto has launched the world’s first hologram virtual assistant, ProtoBot, which has applications in every sector. 

 Today,  the Los Angeles-based venture-backed company announced it has opened a studio and showroom in Miami, where it will join a network of locations around the world.

“All of Miami’s incredible action, innovation and international ties make it a perfect place for Proto to build,” said David Nussbaum, inventor and CEO of Proto. “I mean, it’s called The Magic City, right? And we’re in the magical business of beaming people around the world instantaneously.”

The studio is in the Waterford Business District, near Miami International Airport. It will serve as a showroom for clients in South Florida and Latin America, and will enable some content creation services, too.

 The office is starting out with two  employees and plans to scale up. It will house both the company’s large Proto Epic unit, for full size human holograms, and smaller, tabletop sized Proto M units.

“We’ll be able to shoot hologram content, beam people from the studio around the world live, and essentially use it as a sales showroom too,” said Owen Phillips, Proto’s Head of Media, shared with Refresh Miami. “We do expect to expand quickly — we see Miami as a perfect environment for tons of activations in sports, fashion, art, music and more and also as the obvious gateway to more projects in Latin America.”

To be sure, Proto has already been active in South Florida at major Art Basel Miami exhibitions, in Miami-Dade College classrooms, and at the Miami Grand Prix as well as used by the  Fontainebleau, the Bass Museum, Migos, Metro Boomin and Spotify for events, the company said.

Romeo Santos became the first Latin music star to appear via Proto hologram, beaming from MIami to New York City to promote his House of Bachata documentary.

Companies including Verizon, Accenture, H&M and Christie’s as well as all the pro sports leagues and a number of celebrities have been customers. The company is a four-time honoree at the CES Innovation awards and has been named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list two years in a row. Investors include Paris, along with Tim Draper,  Mike Walsh, Howie Mandel, Quavo and Lil Wayne.

Hip hop super-producer Metro Boomin is beamed to Miami and LA to demonstrate how he makes beats in partnership with Spotify. Photo by Steven Hong. All photos provided by Proto


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