Beauty at your doorstep, all thanks to Miami-based BSExpress

By Riley Kaminer

A few years ago when she was getting her hair done, Lakeshia Grays found herself in a pickle. 

“I was in the middle of getting my hair done from a home hair stylist and she ran out of hair,” Grays told Refresh Miami. “At that time, I had an event that I needed to go to as well. So I was stuck trying to get my hair done and trying to make the event.”

Grays decided to hop into the car and head to a hair store – only to find they didn’t have the hair she wanted. At that moment, she knew she wanted to do something about it. So in 2017, Grays founded what would eventually become BSExpress, a beauty supply delivery company.

Through BSExpress, people in Miami-Dade can bring beauty home. Through its website, users can select the product that they are looking for. They then set what BSExpress calls the ‘pace’ of the service – or how fast the products will be delivered – which can be anything from 45 minutes to two hours.

One of the key differentiators, according to Grays, is customer service. “Once they’re at the beauty supply store, our runners call the customers to let them know about any special promotions and to confirm that the right product is here.” The payment link is then sent and the products are delivered. The platform is aimed at locals, who may be too busy to shop themselves; and visitors, who may not know where to find all their beauty essentials.

BSExpress is on track to launch their app in September that includes a feature enabling users to track the status of their order in real time. “The goal is to launch the app and have 1,500 people subscribe, which will bring us $250,000 in projected revenue in year one,” asserted Grays. Currently BSExpress has 200 users.

Alongside the app release, BSExpress will also be launching a feature called Pro that helps users find at-home beauty service providers. “You can also get your nails, lashes, and wigs done,” said Grays. For both delivery and Pro services, BSExpress charges a service fee.

Grays and the three-person BSExpress team are partnering with D. A. Dorsey Technical College in Miami to develop a 72-hour course for budding stylists and professionals. This workforce development program will teach wig installs – one of the most in-demand beauty services – wig construction, and business development. 

“We’re adding value for the members of our platform and helping them scale, all through BSExpress,” said Grays. She signaled the BSExpress team will likely expand soon thanks to this program and some funding the company received from the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau.

For now though, Grays is still very excited to help people conveniently get the beauty products they need when they need them most. “We love to help alleviate their worries and give them access to the professionals who can conveniently come to you and make you feel beautiful again.”


Riley Kaminer