Blacktech Week acquires data-driven think tank on Black ecosystems

Blacktech Week has acquired Black Tech Mecca, a Chicago-based think tank with a mission to build stronger Black Tech Ecosystems as a pathway to economic and social revitalization. The acquisition, completed in February, will bring to light better data to support the efforts of Black communities to cultivate better talent, more access to capital and more Black-led companies, the Blacktech Week founders said on social media.

“We are excited to have a data-driven think tank focused on the collective power of the Black Tech community not only as part of our work but also based in Miami. The vitalizing focus with the future of our work leverages data to help cities power the Black community’s active contributions to local tech ecosystems through research education and advocacy,” Blacktech Week, led by Derick Pearson, Felecia Hatcher and Starex Smith, announced.

Fabian Elliott, co-founder of Black Tech Mecca, said the organization founded in 2015 has introduced a new way to leverage data to better measure the progress of the Black Tech Ecosystem (BTE), including developing a Smart BTE City Assessment Framework used in three cities so far. “I am excited for the fruit that the acquisition by Blacktech Week will bear for our community. BTW have been longtime partners, are well respected leaders in the tech space, and have a track record of exemplary commitment and execution,” he said

Blacktech Week was launched in 2015, with the first event in Miami in February that year (covered here by yours truly). From there it has grown lo locally and nationally with events and advocacy, and with this new development, now the organization is also apparently rebranding to the Center for Black Innovation, perhaps to better reflect its larger mission. Pearson and Hatcher also founded A Space Called Tribe, a co-working center in Overtown, and tech nonprofit Code Fever.
Blacktech Week is holding a Zoom event at 7 pm on Sunday to discuss what the acquisition will mean for the Black community and Miami. Register here.

Roy Clay Sr. at inaugural Blacktech Week event in 2015 in Miami.
Blacktech Week in 2016.
Michael Seibel, CEO of Y-Combinator, addresses Blacktech Weekend in Miami in 2017.

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