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Catching up with EveryMundo: Powered by a bootstrapping ethos and an über-diverse team

Catching up with EveryMundo: Powered by a bootstrapping ethos and an über-diverse team


‘You’ve got to be creative and you’ve got to hustle but that is what Miami is about.’

By Nancy Dahlberg

This South Florida tech company has bootstrapped its way to more than 40 enterprise customers and nearly 100 employees mainly in Miami, but also in Ecuador and the Asia Pacific. Its employees are 50 percent women and two-thirds of them are immigrants.

Yes, today we’re catching up EveryMundo.

Founded by Anton Diego and Seth Cassel, EveryMundo is a fare-marketing technology platform that enables airlines to easily bring real time fares to different points of the users’ journey, said Cassel, EveryMundo’s president. That means everything from providing applications for users to more easily find the best fares to bringing real time fares into their digital marketing channels.

Since its founding in 2006, EveryMundo has evolved. It is still known for its airTRFX product – web pages from which airlines can manage fare-marketing applications, said Cassel.

 “What has really changed for us is the airModules, those applications. We are now building an ever-growing catalog of them … that can be customized in many ways. We have a roadmap of new applications we are building on top of all this. And we are also working with partner providers to build some of these airModules, enabling the rate of development and innovation on the platform to exceed our own capacity to contribute to that library. Its products, not projects. Airlines … can subscribe to products that are constantly updating and can be easily changed, rather than making a big commitment.”

Today, nearly 100 people work for EveryMundo, including 70 in its Miami headquarters, which will be growing into a full floor of the downtown Ingram Building this year. It also has employees in the Asia Pacific, where EveryMundo has Cathay Pacific and 10 other airline clients, and engineering and customer support teams in Quito, Ecuador.

EveryMundo, which joined the Endeavor network in 2015, now has over 40 airline clients, and expects to be over 50 by the end of the year, Cassel said. This year the company also signed its first non-airline deals, American Airlines Vacations and a national bus line, putting a toe into new markets.

So far, EveryMundo has chosen not to raise money, but never say never. “We know what our company can be in 7 to 10 years, so for us we are going deeper and deeper with airlines while doing some proof of concept in other spaces. If we want to expand into those, we may want to raise capital to fund that growth,” Cassel said.

The tech company that once hung banners across its 9th floor downtown Miami office windows proclaiming “We Are Immigrants” is proud of its diversity – and it should be. In Miami, its employees come from 15 countries and speak about a dozen languages. Two-thirds are immigrants and if you add in first-generation, it’s more like 75%. Diego, EveryMundo’s CEO, was born in Moscow and raised in Havana and Spain before moving to the U.S. in high school.

Not only that, but EveryMundo is 50-50 male-female, highly unusual for a tech company anywhere. “And I think at the leadership level, it’s majority women,” said Cassel. “I do not know why not, it should be more that. Everyone knows that women are smarter, harder working and just generally better people than men.”

Hiring has not been a big issue for the company and it also tries to cultivate people internally as much as it can, Cassel said. “You’ve got to be creative and you’ve got to hustle but that is what Miami is about.”

He adds:  “We are trying to constantly strive for operational excellence to be a best in class employer in Miami. We’re not building something just to unload it. I can’t say that will not happen someday and someone would buy the company, but I know we are building the company for it to outlive all of us. We love that idea. We think Miami could use more companies like that and we would be very proud to be one of them.”

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