CheckToBuild raises $1.3M to fuel growth, international expansion

By Riley Kaminer

CheckToBuild received some checks to build its startup.

The Spain-born Miami startup has announced a $1.3 million fundraise led by the Kulldorff family office in Switzerland. Additional participants included Fides Capital, Brain VC, Capacity VC, and Delray Beach-based Beresford Ventures.

Co-founder and CEO Alejandro Ruiz Lara said that closing this round required “15 months and more than 100 conversations, always improving from the previous one to the next.” 

Noting that the current macroeconomic environment has made it difficult for startups to fundraise, he argued that “there are always good opportunities available for companies focused on bringing real and solid value to their customers.”

That’s particularly true for the CheckToBuild team, which was able to fundraise $300,000 over its original goal of $1 million. For Ruiz Lara, this signals that the best is yet to come: “I’m convinced it’s just a next step toward something very big for construction.”

CheckToBuild’s mission is to make construction processes more efficient, transparent, and sustainable. Their technology allows global constructors to automate quality control, progress tracking, and weekly measurements through automatic comparisons of architectural models and daily construction videos – enabling near real-time decision-making. The technology also aims at reducing concrete waste through early error detection in construction, enhancing sustainability.

With these funds, CheckToBuild plans to implement more than a dozen projects with major construction firms. This fundraise will also help CheckToBuild spearhead its internationalization efforts, with plans to expand to the Middle East and Southeast Asia by 2025.

For now, CheckToBuild operates in Spain and the United States, having entered the American real estate market through a strategic partnership with Moss Construction, one of Florida’s leading General Contractors. Additionally, the company maintains a strategic presence in Latin America, with operational clients in Chile, Mexico, and Peru.

CheckToBuild was founded in May 2020 and moved to Miami in March 2022. In 2021, CheckToBuild raised a $200,000 pre-seed round. After the move stateside, the company raised around half a million dollars – and then they raised another half million since launching their platform. Already, CheckToBuild has taken on upwards of 30 projects.

Why Florida? While Ruiz Lara studied at UC Berkeley and always loved Silicon Valley, building in Miami just made sense. “When I went to Miami, I could see that the city was planting the seeds for something even better [than Silicon Valley],” he told Refresh Miami. “Miami is a much more multicultural environment and provides the best of American business opportunities and the Latin American way of living.”

In a statement, Brain VC Managing Partner Clara Gutiérrez expressed her excitement about CheckToBuild.

“We were struck from the beginning by how CheckToBuild offers innovative solutions for some of the most important challenges facing the construction industry, a great engine of the real economy worldwide,” she said. 

“[CheckToBuild] generates tangible benefits for construction companies such as reduction of costs, execution times and even concrete emission,” Gutiérrez continued. “On top of this, in our opinion Alejandro and team have the combination of motivation, drive, and knowledge that are key to making this project a success.”

Pictured is part of CheckToBuild’s team.


Riley Kaminer