Chile selects Miami as U.S. hub for its most innovative startups. Let’s meet them

Miami is one of the most sought-after destinations for Chilean startups to  launch their US expansions. For a second year, the Chilean Government Trade Agency ProChile and Chilean Fund CORFO are launching GoGlobal 2020, a program that aims to support tech startups ready to to scale their businesses in international markets. With Miami rapidly gaining momentum as a hub for entrepreneurship, GoGlobal decided to support 9 standout startups as they transition into the US market, launching first in Miami.
The program consists of providing the 9 companies with the tools to have a successful entry into the US market. This is achieved via workshops and personalized mentoring for each company, where they will learn about the local ecosystem, how each industry works, and the local consumer trends. They will receive guidance on how to set up their international corporations, as well as the legal and tributary aspects in Miami.
In the US market, the program selected to manage the GoGlobal program is Base Miami, a soft landing and go-to-market consulting company. 
After an extensive selection process involving 250 companies, the 9 Chilean startups that are going to call Miami their U.S. home are:

  • BioElements – transformspolluting products into environmentally friendly solutions, reducing the footprint we leave on Earth.
  • Chattigo – an omnichannel platform to manage all of a  company’s chats and customer service in one place.
  • ESG Compass (above) – the Stakeholders Sustainable Index (SSIndex) anticipates risks and reduces costs by analyzing ESG data from stakeholders.
  • Fracttal (shown at top of post) – bridges the gap between physical and digital assets, capturing information in real-time to predict and respond to possible failures in order to help companies worldwide work better.
  • Lab4U – develops technologies to use mobile devices as a science instrument, delivering low-cost solutions for Science Education.
  • Mimasoft – a technological tool for  sustainability management in organizations or companies from different industries, allowing them to calculate in real-time up to 18 categories of environmental impact, including carbon and water.
  • Radar Escolar –  the platform uses big data to automatically connect to different educational platforms and delivers tools and visualizations connected on a day-to-day basis to management teams.
  • Tuten Labs (above) – a leading Latin American software development company in  field service management, with rapid growth in the region. 
  • VeHiCe SpA – advanced pathology techniques allow the company to evaluate the sanitary condition of productive broodstock, diagnose diseases, and recommend preventive and corrective measures to customers.

 “We are very excited to support the GoGlobal companies in this program. We know Miami has all the tools to make these companies successful — our job is to show them the tools and introduce them to the ecosystem so they can have a strong foothold since the beginning of their US market entry journey,” said Base Miami’s Charly Esnal.
Base Miami was co-founded by Esnal and Fernando Cariello.  “We support innovative tech companies with their Go to Market here in the US, with Miami as a base,” Esnal said.
Launched in 2019, Base Miami has taken on go-to-market projects with close to 70 companies, including a group of 20 startups with ProColombia,  providing them with guidance and back office services. Most of its clients are from Latin America, but Base Miami is also branching out to Spain, Esnal said.
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