Endeavor Miami announces EndeavorLAB cohort for Black Founders. Let’s meet them.

A recommendation platform for commercial airlines and private jet charter companies. A decentralized platform for athletes to connect, engage, and monetize their opportunities. A marketplace for the press-on nail industry and a web rental society for sneakerheads. These are just a few of the startups that are part of Endeavor Miami’s newest cohort.

Endeavor Miami, in partnership with Dell for Startups, announced that 10 companies will be taking part in its upcoming EndeavorLAB Cohort for Black Founders.

The EndeavorLAB program lasts two months and it offers an accelerated growth program designed to support local early-stage companies in establishing their business foundations post-revenue generation. All entrepreneurs selected for this cohort will receive a scholarship provided by Dell for Startups to participate in the program. “I look forward to engaging with this high-impact cohort of founders and supporting them with Dell for Startups’ resources for entrepreneurs,” said Lucas Chaya del Pino, Dell Technologies, Expert Network Lead.

Endeavor Miami launched its accelerator programs, the Endeavor Scaleup Program and EndeavorLAB, in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Claudia Duran, Endeavor Miami Managing Director, says they have accelerated 98 companies, which have generated over $118 million in annual revenues, employed 1,273 people and raised $166 million. “Over half of the companies that have gone through EndeavorLAB have at least doubled their revenue and raised a successful round of capital in the year since their participation in the program,” she said.

Endeavor Miami’s acceleration programs hold an NPS score of 97%, deliver over 60 hours of curated content to each company and leverage the expertise of Endeavor Miami’s 30+ mentors, its announcement said.

Here are the companies selected to participate in The EndeavorLAB Cohort for Black Founders powered by Dell for Startups (descriptions provided by Endeavor Miami):

  • Airyvl: Airyvl Founder & CEO Mark Thayer previously presented his company to Endeavor Miami during last year’s Dell for Startups Pitch Competition. Airyvl is a predictive recommendation platform for commercial airlines and private jet charter companies and has seen dramatic growth since last year.
  • Beach Box Safe: Beach Box is revolutionizing the portable storage space by giving customers the ability to securely store personal belongings within reach. The company is led by Co-Founder & CEO Austin Igein, Co-Founder & CIO Darius Swain, and Marketing & Sales Lead Austin Helm. BeachBox employs a business model that has been validated in various industries, thus Endeavor believes that with the right mentorship, it can accelerate the timeline of the company’s 2022 milestones.
  • JRZY: A decentralized playground for athletes to connect, engage, and monetize the opportunities they create, JRZY is led by Founder & CEO Issa Hall and Co-Founder & COO Madison Savarese. As JRZY expands into the world of NFTs, Endeavor plans to provide them with the right mentorship and guidance to take the company to the next level.
  • Lien Library: Co-Founded by Mac Alabre (CEO), Rohansen Joseph (COO), Eduardo Mejia (CIO), and Sondley Northecide (CTO), Lien Library gives users the ability to discover liens that may be unknown on their property. Endeavor Miami saw great potential in the niche market and hopes to assist in achieving rapid growth for the company. [Read our Refresh Miami spotlight here]
  • Loan My Sole: Endeavor Miami chose Loan My Sole in part due to the immense dedication of Founder & CEO Brandon Chance. With a large inventory already, Loan My Sole is a web rental society for sneakerheads that bridges the gap between physical & digital assets.  [Read our Refresh Miami spotlight here]
  • Nailstry: Nailstry is revolutionizing the press-on nail industry by providing press-on nail brands with a solution to offer truly customized shopping experiences with a virtual fingernail sizing tool. This company is led by Founder & CEO Aurelia Edwards and her drive for success is rooted in past experiences that led her to create a superior product. [Read more here]
  • QuikLiq: QuikLiq is an online tech-forward digital marketplace for wine, beer and spirits where customers can order from their computer or mobile device and receive their delivery in 45 minutes or less. This company is led by CEO Navarr Grevious and CSO Mikael Pyles and found a real niche in a competitive market by targeting mom and pop liquor stores and expanding locally. Endeavor plans to help the early stage company through its growth stage.
  • Rav.ai: With a degree in robotics and years of experience working in tech, Founder & CEO of Rav.ai, Jonas Cleveland has built a solution that will revolutionize the film editing market by removing the inefficiencies that plague the space and let artists do what they do best; create content. The company is also led by Co-Founders Elnura Amati and Jason Keeton.
  • Show Agents: Show Agents is a platform that connects overbooked realtors to local showing assistants that can show properties on their behalf. The company is led by Founder & CEO Nadia Davis, an impressive entrepreneur with an abundance of motivation and passion. With a need to scale, Endeavor’s ecosystem is perfect for the company. [Read our Refresh Miami spotlight here]
  • Vero Learning: Chrissybil Boulin, Founder of Vero Leaning, has serious grit and a proven track record with her previous business, JumpStart Tutors. AltVhough Vero Learning is still in its infancy, Endeavor feels confident in the scalability of the business. [Read our Refresh Miami spotlight here]

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