Endeavor Miami selects women-led EndeavorLAB cohort: Let’s meet them

Endeavor Miami selected nine female-led startups for their upcoming EndeavorLAB cohort for female-led companies. They will receive a scholarship, in part provided by Mastercard, to participate in the program.

“I understand the uniqueness and magnitude of the challenges that come with being a female founder, and I am excited to help these incredible entrepreneurs create long-lasting relationships and scale their companies,” said Claudia Duran, who has been managing director of Endeavor Miami since 2019.  

EndeavorLAB, a two-month accelerator program, is designed to support local early-stage companies in establishing strong business foundations post-revenue generation through network building, practical education, and mentorship sessions. Since its inception in 2019, Endeavor Miami says its programs have accelerated 115 companies, which have generated over $207 million in annual revenues in 2022, employed 2,000 people, and raised $240 million.

Here are the selected startups (descriptions provided by Endeavor Miami):

  • Binibi makes bilingual education products for children ages 0-5. The product is designed to make introducing a second language at home easy and fun from day one. The company is led by Ana Sofía Guzmán, Co-Founder & CEO and Luciana Yarhi, Co-Founder & COO. [See our spotlight on Refresh Miami]
  • Chefpost is a marketplace to book chefs on-demand, on a mission to make people’s lives easier and better. The company is led by Diana Arango, Co-Founder & CEO, and Summerlee Theodoro, Co-Founder & CTO.
  • ClearCloser is changing the mortgage industry by bringing an innovative approach powered by advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and emerging financial technology to convert traditional mortgages into secure digital assets, helping to modernize one of the largest asset classes in the world. The company is led by Kristine Viera, Founder & CEO.
  • Journey  connects you with the best health coaches and nutrition experts to help you live better longer. improve your health and achieve long-lasting results with personalized wellness and nutrition coaching on-demand. The company is led by Laura Barrera, Founder & CEO. [See our spotlight on Refresh Miami]
  • Nala is a SaaS talent management platform that helps companies minimize top talent attrition in an agile and scalable way. The company is led by Ximena Paul, Co-Founder & CEO; Maria Fernanda Castillo, Co-Founder & CPO; and Fabián Prado, Co-Founder & CTO. [Read our spotlight in Refresh Miami]

  • Ola aims to help the 42M Spanish speakers in the US make better financial decisions by providing educational tools and access to financial products. Ola enables members to invest for retirement, build credit, and increase loan approval rates. The company is led by Isabel Penzini, Co-Founder & CEO, and Jerome Leclanche, Co-Founder & CTO.

  • People Clerk is a web platform that empowers people to file, serve, and prepare for their small claims disputes. The company is led by Camila Lopez, Co-Founder & CEO, and Gustavo Lozano, Co-Founder & CTO. [Read our spotlight in Refresh Miami]

  • Pivot is a new sales channel that gives brands access to customer, inventory, and sales data and allows independent stores to sell products without purchasing inventory. The company is led by Valeria Savino, Co-Founder & CMO; Álvaro de Jesús, Co-Founder & CEO; and Juan Montes de Oca, Co-Founder & COO.

  • Redress is a digital marketplace where users can trade in their used garments for second-hand pieces that will be  “new for them”. The company is led by Rossanna Ceccato, CEO; Alfredo Ferrari, COO; and Matias Hercovich, CLO.

Participants will showcase their growth to an audience of local community members, investors, and panelists at the program’s closing event on Nov. 29, 2022.

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Nancy Dahlberg