EO’s challenge to South Florida’s entrepreneurial community: Let’s raise $2M (or more!) for Bahamas

 Entrepreneurs’ Organization South Florida has launched www.eogivesback.com as part of its effort and call to other South Florida business organizations to help the Bahamas recover from Hurricane Dorian’s historic destruction.
  EO South Florida issued a challenge and opportunity for the local entrepreneur and business community, including the organization’s own 200 CEO members, to contribute $2 million immediately to support Bahamas relief efforts through Mission Resolve and the Bahamas Relief Fund. EO hopes to partner and raise even more from its global EO network and the business community beyond South Florida.
Organizing chapter members have seeded the challenge with an initial $50,000 donation. 
One-hundred percent of donations to www.eogivesback.org will go directly to the Bahamas relief efforts and Bahamians suffering in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.
In addition to financial support, EO South Florida is gathering critical in-kind support and expertise to help the Bahamas first survive in the wake of the devastating storm, then rebound and rebuild.   EO members run operations in a wide range of sectors, including technology, aviation, the marine industry, logistics and many more that are essential to a successful short- and long-term recovery.  The organization looks forward to teaming up with others in the dynamic South Florida entrepreneurial ecosystem to deliver efficient impactful solutions for the Bahamas.
EO South Florida members already have played key roles with the Mission Resolve foundation to form the Bahamian Relief Fund, a consortium of South Florida organizations working to raise and deploy $10 million in urgent relief to the islands.
The joint EO and Mission Resolve efforts have quickly delivered more than 225,000 pounds of medical supplies, food, water and generators, as well as several hundred first responders by sea and air, to the Bahamas, with more on the way.
“Working together with a wide coalition of creative problem-solvers is our best hope to bring immediate relief and lasting recovery for the Bahamas where our South Florida and EO relationships run deep,” said Jerry Katz, president of EO South Florida.  “We have families, friends, businesses and homes there, and our hearts go out to everyone on the islands.  We’re committed to engage the power of the South Florida business community and our vast global EO network to support this urgent work.”
EO South Florida  is one of the world’s largest EO chapters.  The local group’s more than 200 members run businesses with $2 billion in annual revenue and more than 10,000 employees in the tri-county region.  Globally, EO has more than 14,000 members in 60 countries.
To contribute to the Hurricane Dorian response and recovery campaign, visit www.eogivesback.org.  

Nancy Dahlberg