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For Investors: Demo Day by AI Forge

November 29, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

✨ AI Forge, along with its dynamic startups, is delighted to extend an invitation to our demo day event, featuring our exciting First Cohort! ✨🌙

​​🍷 Join us under the Miami night sky 🌃 on Wednesday, November 29th, at 6 pm, for an invitation-only “Demo Day Event,” showcasing the future-forward ventures from AI Forge. 🍷


Cerebros 🧠 David Thower 
Empowering businesses with AI. Cerebros allows effortless creation and deployment of state-of-the-art machine learning automations, even without extensive data sets or in-house data experts.

​​SpaceVerse 🌌 Maria Bruna Moscatelli
Transforming space exploration with tech. SpaceVerse uses AI and VR/AR to make the mysteries of outer space accessible to everyone, everywhere.

​WeVC 💼 Ali Abidi
Revolutionizing the early-stage investment arena. WeVC combines AI and blockchain, providing a streamlined platform for both startup founders and investors, modernizing the fundraising process.

​​Gide 🎓 Randolph Wiggins
Navigating the Ivy League with AI. Gide enhances student prospects with cutting-edge tech, increasing chances of gaining admission to prestigious Ivy League institutions.

​RepairIt 🚗 Dustin Allen
Redefining vehicle maintenance. RepairIt harnesses AI to bring about a revolution in how vehicles are serviced and maintained.

​​BookMark’d 📚 Sharod Farmer & Yu Song
Elevating the college experience. BookMark’d is the ultimate tech-driven platform for students and professors, offering a comprehensive suite of academic services.

​Xplain.AI 🔍 Hearsh Jariwala
Demystifying AI for users. Xplain.AI offers a no-code interface, allowing custom AI solutions that ensure transparency and regulatory compliance.

​​BondSpoke 💰 Tobias Crabtree
Unlocking sustainable investment insights. BondSpoke is the go-to data service for investment funds, providing critical insights to evaluate sustainable investment opportunities.

​VocalBrain 🎵 Michael Rutherford
Harmonizing tech with music education. VocalBrain uses AI to revolutionize how singing and music training are approached, optimizing for the best results.

​MetroDAO 🌆 Dyshaun Hines
Enhancing community engagement. METRODAO is the innovative platform providing real-time, centralized stakeholder engagement monitoring, transforming community interactions.

​​🌱🤝 Explore, converse, and connect over a finely-curated dinner 🥂🍽️, uncovering the robust potential within our incubatees, poised to redefine market landscapes with pioneering AI solutions. 🤝🌱

​​🔥🌟 Let’s illuminate the path to groundbreaking advancements in AI, collectively fostering a new wave of global impact! Unveil the prospective ventures that await your discerning insight. 🌟🔥


November 29, 2023
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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AI Forge