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I’MPULSE Sessions: Design By Nature | EP1: UX and Collaboration 🍃

January 25, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

🚨 // Save your spot, here: https://bit.ly/3FE9yZu //🚨

I’MPULSE sessions: design by nature, are monthly sessions inspired by nature’s driven principles for design practice. I’MPULSE sessions are going to pulse inspiration from leading examples and experts in the UX sector who are using a life-centered approach in their design practice.

We will have the opportunity to learn about various UX practices from experienced CEO’s, researchers of all kinds, companies and successful individuals – which are benefiting people and having a positive impact on the world.

These sessions will be very dynamic environments, with conversations between thought-provoking design anthropologist Laura Korčulanin, and an invited guest from their field of expertise, well they reflect on the specific UX topic of the month.

🎬 Episode 1: UX and Collaboration

Our first session, taking place on Tuesday, 25th of January at 18:00H CET📍 will focus on the topic of UX and Collaboration. We will discuss the importance of collaboration within a project, and narrow down the various levels of collaboration during the different stages of UX research. We will learn about the important principles that help guide research between different stakeholders and ultimately enhance positive outcomes.

We will also navigate the do’s and don’ts of different stages of projects and business models to help highlight the core guidelines for UX research. Most importantly, we will have fun and participate in stimulating conversations with a leading expert in the field of UX research!

Don’t miss out on these enlightening sessions that will take us on an in-depth journey through the fascinating world of UX Design and its role in sustainability!

Ready? 🙌

All you need to attend is your laptop, a wifi connection and a willingness to be inspired by life-centered design! All are welcome too, so tell your friends, your family and even your loud-at-times neighbours 📢

The workshop structure is as follows:

– Introducing the collaboration theme and UX
– Getting to know the speaker and company focusing on sustainable business
– Conversation around UX and collaboration between curator Laura Korčulanin and invited speaker
– Dos and don’ts in the UX research practice, with concrete business examples
– Q&A from audience to the speakers

👩 // About our amazing host, Laura Korčulanin:

Laura Korčulanin is a pioneer design anthropologist, systems creator and environmental advocate specialized in human-centred design and life-centred methodologies. Her strong passion for water and systemic changes culminated in her founding the “Give a Shit” project which focuses on integrated urban water management and ecological sanitation. She has broad international experience with over 12 years of successful consulting as a UX researcher and ethnographer, and over 5 years of teaching at university level. Her work varies from lead researcher, business and industry consultant, and a professor collaborating with decision-making bodies and academia – always aiming for holistic and life-centred regenerative solutions. She is currently finishing her PhD in sustainable design and passionately dancing her triggers off with 5 rhythms practice!