Founders Chat: Customer Validation (Online)

Learn how to design a better product and get paid sooner with Mike and Stefano’s first Founders Chat. Featuring Meet Mike Lingle I’m a serial entrepreneur, former software developer, and executive […]

Kick-Start Your Career in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing skills like social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and others enable brands of all sizes to accurately understand user behaviour, target specific customer segments, and measure the return on marketing spend through data-driven platforms – all of which are in increasing demand.    Are you curious about how to equip yourself with these […]


Kick-Start Your Career in Product Management

In today’s reality, every company is a technology company. Regardless of what you’re offering, technology is involved in at least one stage of the product life cycle.  Unsurprisingly, product management, […]


Kick-Start Your Career in Data

Data is one of the fastest growing, and most in-demand disciplines in technology today, helping companies of all sizes predict industry trends, launch new products, and react to consumer needs. […]

Kick-Start Your Career in Web Development

Although websites may appear simple in nature, they are made up of a variety of components, and require a diverse skill set to build effectively. A Developer should have a […]


Looking to Scale Up your business? Info Session

Join Scale Up Miami’s info session to learn how to grow your business. When trying to grow our business the lack of time and resources can lead us to feel […]

Marketing Agency Secrets for Startups- Info Session

Join Tyler Kelley, Chief Strategist at SLAM! Agency, as he reveals marketing agency secrets for startups. About this Event Have a great idea for a business? Or maybe you’ve already launched and are having trouble gaining traction? Even with the recipe right in front of us, things don’t always turn out the way we want. […]

Learn how to launch a business in 5 simple steps with Design Thinking

Are you seeking to launch a new business or to become part of a product development team? If so, Design Thinking is for you. Design Thinking, also known as human-centered design, is a way to solve problems through creativity. To think like a true problem-solver requires dreaming up wild ideas, taking time to tinker and […]