Fintech Inveniam expands to Miami, launches AI division for developing data tools for private market assets 

By Nancy Dahlberg

Miami may not be synonymous with AI innovation yet, but at least one financial technology company is now betting that it will be.

Inveniam, which helps companies that have complex assets maintain clear real-time valuations of them, announced today it opening an AI division in Miami. It will be the company’s  third location. Inveniam also has offices in New York City and the Detroit area.

Albert Maloof Berdellans III will lead the new office as managing director of Inveniam AI. Berdellans [pictured above] most recently was vice president of marketing and communications for Mana Common, leading the public efforts of Miami’s largest private landowner to help establish Miami as an international technology hub.

“I’ve always really had an interest in making people’s lives easier and helping people accomplish their goals more quickly, more effectively,” said Berdellans, who is in his second week in the new role. In his career witnessing real estate deals that would literally take months, he thought there had to be a better way. “And it turns out there is and that’s what Inveniam does.”

Founded in 2017, Inveniam built, a data operating system for delivering access, transparency and trust in private market assets’ value and historical performance. The venture-funded company has established the Inveniam AI division to focus on developing artificial intelligence data interpretation tools for Inveniam’s clients.

“The proprietary technology behind our platform utilizes distributed ledger technologies  to commute trust, and this proof of origin has a natural synergy with artificial intelligence. Having a transparent trail of where data came from only enhances the potential for AI to deliver actionable commercial value. Inveniam plus AI makes both Inveniam and AI more valuable, which is why we are pleased to announce the establishment of our new Artificial Intelligence division,” Inveniam CEO Patrick O’Meara said in a statement.

For Berdellans, selling Miami as an AI hub to his new company was made easier by Miami’s recent rise as a technology hub, benefiting from the pandemic migration of founders and investors. The company also took notice of moves such as Miami Dade College’s efforts to upskill and reskill Miami’s current and future AI talent base is skilled up with new AI Centers for learning and AI degree and certificate offerings, Berdellans said. “[Inveniam] saw the investment that was being made by Miami’s public and private institutions into AI and they were convinced.” Also, Inveniam was already aware of Miami as a growing magnet for blockchain, crypto and web3 startups – Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has been on Inveniam’s advisory board since 2021.

Being a native Miamian himself and always being a technical marketer utilizing automation, Berdellans said he’s happy to see his new company taking this step. “I want homegrown Miami people to benefit from the rise of Miami.”

This year, Miami was ranked No 23 globally as a tech hub by Startup Genome.  Yet a recent report by Brookings found that currently AI jobs are clustered mainly in San Francisco with smaller presences in a handful of other metro areas — and Miami is not one of them. Still, Refresh Miami has been reporting on the growing AI presence in #MiamiTech.  Indeed, even amid a venture market downturn, a couple dozen companies that work in AI received venture funding this year.

Inveniam employs about 80 employees throughout the company, and Berdellans will be employee No. 1 in Miami, tasked with building the new division and making local hires.

“There’s a natural synergy between blockchain, which is how Inveniam does their deal valuations, and AI,” Berdellans explained. “Very simply, with the blockchain, there’s lots of data for AI to learn from and gain insights from. The AI division is going to first help clients get their data in order so that they can use the platform in the first place and then offer AI powered tools, for instance, like AI fraud detection,” Berdellans said.

Inveniam may be the first company to establish an AI division in the Magic City, but it hopefully won’t be the last.


Nancy Dahlberg