For artist platform Amadei, it’s all about supporting the next big musicians

By Riley Kaminer

The music industry is brutal for beginners. With over 180,000 tracks uploaded each and every day to various streamlining platforms, it’s virtually impossible for new artists to stand out from the pack. And between writing and recording music, touring, and managing the business side of show biz – there is a lot on performers’ minds.

Aventura-based startup Amadei aims to help. It has developed a platform, currently used by 16,000 musicians, that aims to let artists focus on what is most important: the music itself. The company calls its offering a “360 degree artist service platform,” because it lends a hand with a wide range of tasks such as distribution, mixing and mastering tracks, and promoting their music.

At the helm of Amadei is serial entrepreneur Bronislav Gorbachev. As a construction and materials executive, he managed over 1,000 employees. But an Executive MBA at the Stockholm School of Economics opened his mind to the opportunities in the creative industry.

Serial entrepreneur Bronislav Gorbachev is the founder and CEO of Amadei.

“I found out that the creative industry is growing quite fast, and is quite international,” Gorbachev told Refresh Miami. Gorbachev, who originally hails from Ukraine but has spent much of his life living internationally, was also attracted to the global nature of the industry.

He also began to understand that the creative space is not as different from construction after all. “These are tangible assets that receive royalties from around the world,” he said of the primary output of creative entrepreneurs. 

Since late 2019, when Gorbachev and team launched Amadei, the platform has achieved a retention rate of 82%. This is a point of pride for Gorbachev: “The retention rate for me personally as a founder shows how loyal customers are, and how satisfied my customers are with the services we provide to them.” 

In 2022, the company reports $300,000 in revenue. Additionally, . the company reports it has secured an $8 million equity-free investment from Ripe Capital and $200,000 from an undisclosed international investor to use for the promotion of potential star artists on their platform. These funds will eventually be paid back through royalties from music distribution, which is Amadei’s principal mode for revenue generation.

Technology plays a critical role in Amadei’s business. For instance, Gorbachev explained that the platform uses artificial intelligence to master songs – essentially, making them sound the same no matter how you listen to them. This process enables artists to master their songs within as short as five minutes, compared to the hours or days it might take a human.

Despite the large user base, the Amadei team is comprised of only nine people – one of whom is South Florida. But Gorbachev explained that being based in Miami made total sense for the company, as it is a convenient gateway to the U.S. market. “It was also economically wise,” said Gorbachev, highlighting Florida’s business-friendly tax environment.

Looking forward, Gorbachev is excited to foster the next generation of star musicians. “We want to position ourselves as a brother for musicians. We know their pains from the inside. We know how they are vulnerable. And we’re doing our best to support them with the knowledge and community they need to succeed. 


Riley Kaminer