For truckers by truckers, this platform makes owner/operators’ lives easier

By Riley Kaminer

Driving is just one part of a trucker’s job. The host of logistics, coordination, and admin tasks – especially for those who own their own rig – is a critical yet time-consuming part of the process.

Camilo Ramirez understands this frustration firsthand, having worked as a trucker before launching Plantation-based startup iTruckr alongside co-founders Carolina Espinosa (Head of Design and Marketing) and Alexander Flores (Head of Tech) to solve some of the very problems he experienced. “I’m building this because they’re the exact tools I didn’t have when I was an owner-operator,” CEO Ramirez told Refresh Miami.

iTruckr’s digital platform consolidates information from distinct brokers to provide owner/operators with a unified dashboard through which they can find, accept, plan, and undertake trips. 

Users are given all the relevant details about a trip – the pay, the drop off and pick up times and locations, information about the load, and much more – and then decide if they want to take it on. If so, the platform then acts as a virtual dispatcher, available 24/7 thanks to artificial intelligence, enabling truckers to seamlessly organize their trips. For instance, the app will tell users which routes to take to minimize fuel consumption, on top of finding the best deals on fuel along the route. 

Owner/operators that work with iTruckr are covered under the startup’s insurance, while iTrucker also covers costs such as over the road taxes. The bottom line for users: fewer headaches and more opportunities to make money. “There’s no more calling different brokers, no more negotiating,” said Ramirez. “You just book and get the load.”

“We’re making the most out of gamifying the app,” shared Espinosa. The platform incentivizes good performance such as arriving on time, providing drivers with badges and perks like free coffee. “We understand truckers’ frustrations,” she continued. “They haven’t been dealt with transparently. Through our technology, we’re trying to empower drivers, because often they don’t realize they’re actually business owners.”

iTruckr receives an 11% take rate from brokers for every load that is booked through the platform. The rest goes directly to the owner/operator. The startup also has a revenue stream stemming from their insurance provision. “Our technology enables us to charge less than the industry standards,” said Espinosa.

Since the company launched last June, iTrucker has already brought 45 truckers and four brokers onto the platform. Eventually, the company hopes to open its virtual doors to as many of the two thousand brokers in the US as possible. The platform is currently active in Florida, Texas, and Georgia. In the near future, Espinosa and Ramirez said that they are planning to work through their waiting list. 

The founders credit Endeavor Miami for enabling iTrucker’s growth at this early stage. “We already can feel the difference it’s made for us,” said Espinosa. “The product is working, the value proposition is there – so now we need exposure to grow: to get some more revenue, raise money, and bring more people onto the team.

iTruckr team members, from left, Vanessa Flores (ops manager) and Carolina Espinosa (co-founder/Head of Design and Marketing). At top of post is co-founder and CEO Camilo Ramirez.


Riley Kaminer