Getlabs raises $20M to expand at-home lab appointments nationwide

The California healthtech startup is relocating its HQ to Miami

Getlabs, soon to be a Miami-based startup, is on a mission to provide the missing link that would make your telehealth experience complete. When your doctor orders labs, the service comes to you. Getlabs provides the infrastructure for remote healthcare delivery.

To power its national explanation, the startup announced the close of its $20 million Series A round. What’s more, Getlabs, which will soon be relocating its HQ to Miami, announced today the launch of its one-tap API for healthcare organizations.

This latest round of funding was led by Emerson Collective and the Minderoo Foundation, with participation from Tusk Venture Partners, Labcorp, Healthworx, Byers Capital, Anne Wojcicki (co-founder and CEO of 23andMe), Susan Wojcicki (CEO of YouTube), Eric Kinariwala (founder and CEO of Capsule), and Mattieu Gamache-Asselin (founder of Alto Pharmacy). The startup also raised $3 million in seed funding last year

Despite the explosive growth during the pandemic, telehealth use has not yet been adopted for the treatment of many conditions that require diagnostic testing, said Getlabs founder and CEO Kyle Michelson (pictured above), in a phone interview from Los Angeles. To expand into virtual primary care and more complex conditions such as cardiology, diabetes and fertility, telehealth services need ways to collect diagnostic information in-person, he said. “My thought was, if you had a way to help telehealth companies collect labs, suddenly you would unlock the entire opportunity for telehealth. That was really fundamentally the reason I started to Getlabs — to enable telehealth to actually provide hands-on care  for the patient.”

Founded in 2018, the startup has launched at-home lab appointments performed by its full-time staff of phlebotomists and recently started its national expansion. Since September 2021, Getlabs has expanded from covering 6% of the US population to over 45% as it lays the infrastructure providers need to deliver remote care nationwide. Michelson said the goal is to reach 60% of the nation by the end of this year.

Michelson is particularly excited about the API the company just launched. With its API, your telehealth provider can confirm an at-home appointment for lab tests with one click, allowing telehealth companies to provide a seamless experience not only for themselves to collect information, but also for their patients. Consumers can also schedule the appointment themselves if they wish; Getlabs charges a convenience fee from $25.

“Today about 4% of all telehealth visits result in labs [being ordered]. But meanwhile, for [in-person] medical appointments, it’s 70% of medical visits that depend on labs. And so a really exciting factor here is with the API, you can suddenly allow telehealth companies to go way beyond what they currently do,” Michelson said. “Imagine a world where patients in healthcare deserts could see the top specialists across the country virtually.”

The company plans to use the funding to continue expanding rapidly and eventually hire additional types of skilled medical professionals for providing remote care such as imaging, immunizations, physical exams, immunizations, and other essential healthcare services.

This year the service is available to Floridians in the Miami area, Orlando and Tampa “and we’ll be expanding throughout the state very rapidly,” Michelson said. Already the Sunshine State is one of Getlabs’ best markets, because of its population growth and elderly population. Miami, with the nation’s second-biggest health district and a strong cluster of healthtech companies, will play a big part in this startup’s future.

Getlabs is a distributed team, but Miami will be the HQ with more details coming soon, said Michelson, “We’re just getting started in Miami and we will be officially launching soon.”’

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