Hiring companies, 1,000 jobseekers connect at Miami Dade College for Venture Miami Tech Hiring Fair

The fair followed a day-long Tech Talent Summit on Tuesday

By Krysten Brenlla

For Eliezer Marte, a solutions engineer for 4 1/2 years, attending the Miami Tech Works Tech Talent Summit gave him the confidence and tools to succeed at the Venture Miami Tech Hiring Fair. For him, the two events were pivotal to finding his next opportunity and career move.

“The Tech Talent Summit was really amazing because, when you go on LinkedIn, you don’t get that same experience that you do when you’re in-person,” Marte [pictured above] told Refresh Miami. “So, at the Summit, and now at the Fair, it was nice to see some local people that I know from the Miami Tech community who are always willing to help me. I really appreciate events like these to help me keep going forward in my job search.”

With the Venture Miami Tech Hiring Fair kicking off Miami Tech Month, more than 1,000 jobseekers, like Marte, gathered at Miami Dade College’s Wolfson Campus to connect with 43 businesses. The fifth annual fair, which was open to the public, was brimming with enthusiastic job seekers, all connecting over potential job opportunities.

Companies at the fair had 1,000 open positions, almost a 1-1 match to jobseeker registrations. Some of the companies that were at the fair included several locals, such as Kaseya, HealthBird, and OppZo, and other familiar national names, such as AWS and Blackstone.

In addition to employers, participants heard from Miami Dade College President Madeline Pumariega and City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who also founded Venture Miami, on their enthusiasm for the Hiring Fair and the Miami Tech community.

 “When I walk through, and I see the look in your eyes of how hungry you are, and how hard you are working to distinguish yourself and get that opportunity, it fills me with hope, courage, and strength,” Suarez told the crowd. “It makes me want to work harder for you every single day.”

Photo provided by Venture Miami

For the past two years, Venture Miami has held workshops to prepare participants for the Fair with confidence to land their next opportunity, including a LinkedIn virtual workshop and a Tech Talent Summit. This year the Miami Tech Talent Summit, held Tuesday, was put on by Miami Tech Works, the recipient of the Great Jobs Challenge. The summit attracted 272 registrants and included workshops, speakers and one-on-one counseling for jobseekers. These events were pivotal for jobseekers to learn valuable skills, but also for employers to connect with local talent.

At the fair, HealthBird was ready to make those connections. “Every person here today is willing to come up to us, talk to us, and learn,” said Irena Tigranyan, chief operating officer of HealthBird, a Miami-based health insurance startup, and last year’s eMerge winner. “And the thing about HealthBird is, if we love and connect with you, we will work with you to have your career grow with us.”

The excitement throughout the night was contagious as many jobseekers connected with employers and fellow peers over local favorite, Coyo Taco. Participants were eager to keep the connections strong, and with the help of of local organizations like Lab22c, most companies at the Summit and at the Fair were ready to meet the energy of Miami’s talent.

“For the last year, Lab22c has been working with employers through the Miami Tech Talent Coalition to ensure they are ready and understand the workforce and the resources that exist in Miami,” said Caryn Lavernia, the vice president and senior partner at Lab22c, who serves as the facilitator for the Miami Tech Talent Coalition. “Programs like the Tech Talent Summit and the Hiring Fair introduce our local workforce and talent to the job opportunities that exist in our community – we want people to grow, train, and work here.”

For jobseekers like Marte, who is in the middle of a job transition, having events like these can help people across all job levels – including students and college graduates – find their next big role within the tech industry.

“With events like the Tech Summit, and the Hiring Fair, having startups and organizations together in one place is really awesome to help build talent in Miami. I think this is definitely going to foster the community,” Marte said.

“I’m really glad to see, through events like these, that Miami is in the conversation for tech growth.”

Miami Dade College President Madeline Pumariega addresses the crowd. Photo provided by Venture Miami

Below are scenes from the Miami Tech Talent Summit put on by Miami Tech Works on Tuesday. Photos provided by the Miami Tech Talent Coalition:


Krysten Brenlla