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As the world embraces remote work, itopia raises $5.3M in funding, set to launch ‘exciting new product’

As the world embraces remote work, itopia raises $5.3M in funding, set to launch ‘exciting new product’

As the global workforce embraced remote working at a record pace, Miami-based itopia, creator of a SaaS cloud management platform, had its strongest growth year yet in 2020. Today, itopia announced it has raised $5.3 million in funding to expand its market opportunity.

Investors include Ocean Azul Partners, a Coral Gables-based venture firm, Hunt Holdings of Texas, and other early itopia backers. To date, itopia has raised $14.5 million.

At its core, itopia helps companies set up and manage their distributed workforces in the cloud. CEO and co-founder Jonathan Lieberman said the company grew 300% as COVID-19 changed the way we work, and itopia expanded into new markets in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

In the past year, Itopia also 3Xed its team; it now numbers more than 50 people, including 30 on the product development, “so a lot of engineers,” said Lieberman (pictured above). He expects the company will add dozens more employees before the end of the year, particularly in sales and marketing, but also in product engineering and other roles.

“itopia’s growth in 2020 was truly impressive, and we expect growth to accelerate even faster in 2021 as they launch new products that will enable itopia to expand into new use cases within the enterprise,” said Bill Pruitt, Ocean Azul managing director and an itopia board member.

Founded in 2013, from day 1 itopia was built on the premise that everything was going to move to the cloud, Lieberman said. But about four years ago the company evolved into a significant software creator. “Our software is taking advantage of this moment where everything is moving to the cloud. What our software does is help IT departments and large companies in enterprises manage the entire lifecycle of setting up a remote office,” said Lieberman.

In 2018, itopia launched its Cloud Automation Stack (CAS) solution that simplifies and automates the life cycle of migrating, deploying, and managing Desktop-as-a-Service workloads on the Google Cloud Platform on a global scale. In 2019, the company was named Google Cloud Partner of the Year.

Today, itopia services large enterprises, including Cleveland Clinic, Telus International, Virgin Voyages, CoreLogic, Cognosante, TabulaRasa Healthcare, and a number of school districts.We plan to use this new funding to expand our team with the best talent out there to launch new product offerings to further extend our position as a global leader,” Lieberman said. 

Ubaldo Don, CTO of itopia

Earlier this year, Itopia hired top engineers from Google Cloud, including Dan Isla, who has joined itopia as VP of Product, and software architect Jan Van Bruggen.

 Under the direction of itopia CTO and co-founder Ubaldo Don, they will spearhead upcoming launch soon of “an exciting new product” helping software developers be “more productive and happier in their jobs,” Lieberman said.

Also coming soon: itopia will be launching an initiative focused on helping K-12 students in computer labs that teach graphic design and other skills. Typically in public high schools, students have to come into labs to work on computers decked out with expensive applications, and the pandemic largely shut them down. “We partnered with Google Labs to take these labs and bring them to the students so that they can connect to their software from home and from any device, including a Chromebook,” Lieberman said.

itopia’s early investors are  from South Florida and have continued to back the company.

“As an early investor in itopia, I’m impressed by the team’s resilience and continued ability to execute effectively,” said David Zinn, managing director of Ocean Azul. “Although the pandemic has been tough this past year, it’s great to see our portfolio company creating jobs and thriving in Miami.”

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