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OpenStore is Keith Rabois’ Miami-based Series B startup valued at reportedly more than $750M just seven months after founding. OpenStore is reimagining the future of e-commerce. Today, we’re building the technology and team to identify, value, acquire and scale long-tail e-commerce brands. We envision a future where emerging e-commerce brands have access to instant liquidity for their businesses and where consumers have ready access to the best, small-brand products.
Behind the scenes, we’re a team of experienced founders, operators, and software engineers who saw a chance to change the e-commerce landscape. We have grown our team 5x in size within the first year. We’re eager to continue expanding our team with humble achievers committed to excellence. OpenStore is founded by Keith Rabois, Jack Abraham, Michael Rubenstein, Matt Lanter and Jeremy Wood who bring a successful track record and expertise.
This product manager role sits within the Operations product team and is accountable for all facets of supply chain, logistics, catalog, and inventory. This role will ensure newly acquired e-commerce brands onboard quickly to the OpenStore ecosystem and that existing brands can operate effectively. 
Acquiring one brand’s inventory is challenging but nowhere near as complex as many at the same time.  We need to design and implement a variety of tools that enable small business owners to transition their inventory to OpenStore. Once onboarded, successful operations require robust and integrated systems ranging from procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and catalog management. This role has an expansive scope, clear opportunity for business impact, and a talented and collaborative team to partner with. 
We’re just getting started. We are seeking a product manager to bring this vision to life. This is a unique opportunity to define a world-class experience in a fast growing space. We will invest in your development and do everything we can to make sure this is one of your best professional experiences. We believe joining OpenStore will be a career-defining choice for employees.

Who you are

  • Your technical know-how helps unlock scalable solutions. Your experience will enable you to focus on the elements that matter most and drive clear insights that inform the team’s priorities. You’re able to break complex problems into solvable component parts and effectively communicate what drives the most impact.  
  • You are analytically rigorous. You have a deep bias towards using data and analyses to drive decisions. You crisply define metrics and counter-metrics and use them to expedite execution.
  • You take pride in your strong sense of ownership. Your ability to execute and eliminate blockers helps you and the entire company move fast with confidence.  You know when to raise your hand and ask for help. 
  • You communicate and collaborate effectively. You know how to deliver the right message to the relevant audience at the appropriate level of detail. You co-create solutions that are better than the sum of individuals’ ideas. You embrace intellectual friction as a feature of improvement, not a relationship bug. 
  • You love to learn. You continually explore ways to improve your skills and knowledge through taking on new challenges and experiences.

What you’ll do

  • Streamline supplier & inventory onboarding: merchants and suppliers engage with OpenStore during the acquisition process to order new inventory, transfer existing inventory, and onboard it to OpenStore 3PLs. These complex processes should be reimagined to be as simple and elegant as using a consumer app. 
  • Standardize product catalog and inventory tracking: build the catalog tools to manage hundreds of brands’ catalogs, automate metadata standardization, and accurately track inventory across the lifecycle.
  • Optimize logistics: connecting the logistics entire process from freight forwarding to last mile delivery will deliver substantial benefits to OpenStore. In parallel, providing optimal shipping costs and accurate order tracking dramatically improves the shopping experience. 
  • Forecast demand: ordering the right amount of inventory across many brands and verticals is extremely challenging. Refining the demand planning capabilities while reducing stockouts directly affects both revenue and costs.
  • Accurate financial records: tracking COGS, logistics costs, and inventory is complicated at scale and mission critical for accurate financial reporting. Multiple teams leverage this data for their use so it is even more important to be accurate and accessible.  
At OpenStore we believe that in order to recruit great people, we should create a great workplace. With that in mind we have made sure to provide a fun, exciting environment that encourages creativity and allows for growth.
OpenStore is a proud Equal Opportunity Employer where we welcome and celebrate differences. We are committed to providing a workspace that is safe and inclusive, where everyone feels supported, connected, and inspired to do their best work.  


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