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Swag…everyone loves to receive it

Whether it be welcoming new hires into their dream job, thanking customers for their loyalty, celebrating a community milestone, or engaging event attendees, when done right, swag is the glue that bonds brands together with the people that matter to them. But no one enjoys putting this stuff together…

The $30 Billion branded swag supply chain is a complete mess, filled with too many products, too many intermediaries, too little quality control, and not enough technology.

SwagUp is disrupting the industry by streamlining the end to end supply chain and making it available through a single platform utilizing powerful APIs and interfaces (e.g. dashboard). As the fastest growing swag company, we have made great strides towards our mission of eliminating the friction in the swag creation and distribution process. BUT we’ve just begun to scratch the surface…

And that’s where YOU come in…



SwagUp is looking for a Lead Software Engineer. We are a data driven organization looking for individuals that act as force multipliers in their teams. We are looking for a unique individual, one that is more than just familiar with microservice development, but has hands-on experience with multiple technologies, implementations and knows the pros and cons, and how to balance them to help build a world class service-oriented backend platform. We encourage you to have and share your opinions, and to accelerate our service development efforts with hands-on expertise. This position needs someone who can come in knowing when to use pub/sub versus event streaming, and when to leverage technologies like SNS/SQS vs Kafka.  We need someone who has designed systems of dozens of “microservices,” knows how to not only build and deploy them but how to make them robust, and what it takes to support a production system based on event driven architecture. This is an excellent opportunity for a seasoned senior engineer looking to take the lead and build something few get the chance to build.



  • Lead the architectural and internal platform services vision, design and implementation
  • Code functional proof of concepts, prototypes and set expectations and guidance for teams to implement production quality services
  • Build out a collection of guides and examples to help establish internal best practices
  • Perform architectural reviews of services in development
  • Lead technical training sessions for the team and help establish onboarding training to ensure new team members are able to contribute
  • Support the platform by partnering with SRE to define SLO’s, SLI’s, ensuring the systems are properly monitored
  • Work closely with our PM and design teams to define feature specifications and build services that support our products.
  • Work closely with operations and infrastructure to build and scale back-end services
  • Sets direction and goals for the team regarding project impact, product quality and engineering efficiency
  • Leads major initiatives, projects, teams, roll-outs and phased-releases
  • Participates in coding across the full stack from UI, API, backend/data tiers



  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science or related field or comparable experience
  • 2+ years of full stack engineering.
  • 2+ years of experience in a team environment, leading, training and mentoring peers.
  • 5+ years hands-on experience in core programming languages such as C++, PHP, Java, Python, JavaScript, C#
  • Proven deep technical knowledge and experience in service/microservice design, development, deployment and maintenance



  • Service development is quick, efficient and effective, with little confusion from stakeholders on what is being built, why and when the service will be delivered.
  • Platform architecture is cohesive and flexible
  • Services can be deployed ad-hoc, without large coordination (i.e. services are actually independent of each other)
  • Services are able to scale to meet demand / services are built to be scalable
  • Stakeholders are confident in the team
  • Consumers of platform services are confident in their ability to rely on those services for critical workloads



  • Wake up each morning proud of the place you work and the amazing companies you get to partner with
  • Join the team at a time when you can help shape the future of the company
  • Unlimited PTO, we are all adults, you’re in control
  • Medical, Dental, Vision and Life insurance
  • Lots of swag!
  • A performance culture that rewards results and promotes those that perform, quickly
  • Equipment provided to set up a successful work environment
  • Engaging Team-building activities to make a remote-first workforce feel connected
  • Being part of an organization that truly believes in promoting from within, at SwagUp your growth potential is uncapped! 


SwagUp welcomes and celebrates talent from all backgrounds and perspectives. Our success is directly correlated to our people, and we believe our team should reflect the diversity of the companies we partner with. As an organization, we strive to foster an inclusive, diverse environment where we all work towards a common goal! #tothemoon

To apply for this job please visit swagup.breezy.hr.

To apply for this job please visit swagup.breezy.hr.

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The API-First Swag Platform Built for the Modern Workplace!