Let’s get personal: 365zing helps people find their way to better self-care

Imagine a world where we could utilize an application simply for self-care. Wellness is so important, especially nowadays, and Nzingah Oniwosan, an award-winning wellness and holistic coach, created just that.

Her web application, 365zing.com, joins a burgeoning world of apps for wellness and self-care, with the pandemic raising awareness of the importance of mental well-being for life’s tough times. But Oniwosan, a Haitian-American who lives and works in South Florida, said other applications seemed to be missing a certain personal touch, especially in times where people were strictly disconnected and missing their previous lifestyles.

Inspired, Oniwosan created 365zing during COVID-19 lockdown times and it’s been a success ever since, enabling moments of self-reflection and offering methods for people to find their own wellness journey. All in one place, users can work on their mind, body and spirit with wellness trackers, meal plans, classes and more, she says. Oniwosan (pictured above) also has another application, yesbabyilikeitraw.com, that features recipes and wellness checks. She is also a plant-based chef and yoga instructor.

We spoke with Oniwosan about 365zing.com’s many features, how her own health journey inspired her to create it, and what’s up next for the app.

Tell us more about your application and what it’s best utilized for.

The application is a multifaceted app designed to help its users have sustainable practices when it comes to wellness. It centralizes features found in several apps in one place.  Users use the wellness tracker built in the app to track their health goals and create a weekly wellness schedule. They will curate the week using a database of healthy plant-based recipes, meditations, and movement classes which include yoga, and dance. They can also take courses to dive deeper into specific areas of wellness and own the process. To create greater success with health goals users can interact with each other and have the option to be paired with an accountability partner.

What was the inspiration behind your application and how do you feel it best serves users?

The application was birthed after lessons learned from my 20-year journey to heal and thrive after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, autoimmune disorder, and polycystic ovary syndrome. It helps users find ways to heal and find balance physically, mentally, and spiritually.

 Why do you feel self care is so important?

Self-care is important because it is the most tangible way we can practice self-love.  It allows us to replenish ourselves. When done properly it allows us to meet our needs. Instead of looking for the outside world to support us first, we see ourselves as the primary executor of our wellness and everyone else is there to support us. We are able to be the best version of ourselves by practicing self-care because it allows us to satisfy our wants so we can be balanced mentally, physically, and spiritually.  It allows us to exist from a place of wholeness which allows us to interact with the world from a place of overflow instead of an empty cup. When are not burnout we can better decisions, have healthier relationships, and so much more. More importantly, we have the awareness to know when we a running low and the tools to replenish ourselves.

Tell us about your team and background and how did the application come to life.

365Zing was created while in lockdown. Using all the skills I learned over the past 20 years. There is a team of over 8 instructors who are leaders in the wellness field that help me as well.

What’s up next for your application?

We will be expanding our courses and team. We plan on having retreat and releasing a self-care box. 




Aurora Dominguez