Longevo, founded by Andrés Moreno, lands $5.5M to level up its employee wellbeing platform

By Riley Kaminer

“Wellbeing” in the business world is far more than a buzzword. Happy employees contribute positively to corporate culture, reduce healthcare costs, and make workplaces stand out in a crowded market for talent.

Miami-based startup Longevo is empowering businesses in Latin America to build a healthier, happier workforce. The company has developed a platform to help combat some of the toughest challenges employees face, such as problems with weight, difficulty sleeping, and high levels of stress. Ultimately, Longevo hopes that their initiatives translate into higher self-esteem and less absenteeism in the workplace.

To further that mission, Longevo has raised a $5.5 million round of funding led by Grupo Valora, with participation from Andrés Moreno, Amalia and Manuela Sierra, Gregg W. Throgmartin, and Karim Alibhai. 

Moreno also founded Longevo. Previously, Moreno launched Open English, which has has been a leader in online English language learning in Latin America since 2007. The Miami-based company has onboarded upwards of two million students and 10,000 companies.

“Being an entrepreneur is my passion, but it requires a lot of effort,” Moreno shared in a video. “In recent years I had put aside physical exercise, good nutrition, and feeling healthy.” Now, in his 40s, he says he is in the best mental and physical shape of his life – all thanks to a team of trainers and nutritionists who helped him create better habits. Through Longevo, he is bringing this experience to millions of people who are going through the same experiences.

“At Longevo, we use technology, the latest science and the expertise of professionals to transform the well-being of individuals and corporations as a whole,” CEO Martín Huczneker said in a statement. “We seek to make people happier and healthier in their daily lives and at work, and we know that this translates into greater productivity and success for companies.”

Before joining Longevo, Huczneker was a digital transformation executive at some of the biggest Latin America-focused marketplaces including Falabella; Mercado Libre; and OLX, co-founded by Alec Oxenford, an Argentine entrepreneur who has been active in the Miami tech ecosystem. According to Longevo, Huczneker’s goals for the company will be to improve lives in Latin America, and promote their physical and mental development – as well as the creation of high-performing teams.

Longevo’s website lists a wide variety of leading companies that leverage their platform, including Telefónica, Miss Universe Colombia, and Grupo Nutresa. The platform provides real coaches who can train users exactly when and where they need them. It also offers advice on healthy eating and setting shared goals across an entire team. Longevo has a “mentality zone” in which users can work on their mental health. All this data can be monitored by employers to see their workforce’s overall wellbeing.

The company reports that this funding will be used to further develop their platform, including introducing AI, as well as onboarding more experts.


Riley Kaminer