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MDC and IBM team up to prepare students for tech jobs

MDC and IBM team up to prepare students for tech jobs

IBM will donate more than $10 million to prepare Miami Dade College students in emerging technologies

To help its diverse student body obtain the strategic tech skills they need to succeed in the workforce, Miami Dade College has formed a unique collaboration with IBM.

Miami Dade College and IBM will work together to offer faculty training programs and digital courses in key areas, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and quantum computing. Some of the new offerings will be available to the community as well.

“We are proud to collaborate with IBM to support our nation’s recovery through innovative workforce training and education initiatives. IBM´s extraordinary investment in MDC underscores our potential to execute visionary partnerships that provide students, and South Florida at large, the ultimate edge to seize new opportunities” said MDC President Madeline Pumariega, in a statement.

Specifically, IBM Global University Programs will donate more than $10 million in assets over the next three years, including guest lectures, curriculum content, digital badges, software, and faculty training as part of the MDC / IBM Skills Academy Academic Initiative.

“Through our skills building programs, we aim to address common barriers of entry to emerging technological fields, including artificial intelligence, hybrid cloud computing and quantum computing,” said Jeff Welser, VP of  Exploratory Science and University Collaborations for IBM Research.

Through the partnership, MDC’s future Artificial Intelligence Center will be focused on applied Artificial Intelligence, with real-world applications and a different approach than the typical AI research center. The center will be open to students in any major, and IBM’s Academic Initiative and IBM Skills Academy will be providing the platform for these new offerings.

In addition, IBM and MDC will look for job opportunities at IBM for students, particularly ones completing IBM Skills Academy courses. Volunteer IBM Academic Ambassadors will offer guest lectures, mentoring, and curriculum advice online and on campus to faculty and students, and some may participate on the college’s advisory boards.

MDC has been on a roll widening access to education in emerging technologies. Just two weeks ago, MDC announced it was partnering with SoftBank to offer a free 18-week program in data science.

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