Miami-based JourneyTrack raises $1.5M in seed funding from Elevate Capital, DeepWork

By Nancy Dahlberg

Ania Rodriguez and her team have built a SaaS experience management platform that prioritizes the customer experience. It’s called JourneyTrack and it grew out of this founder’s own journey as a longtime user experience consultant for Fortune 1000 companies.

While running Key Lime Interactive, which she founded in 2009 and continues to chair today, Rodriguez saw over the years how enterprises struggled to deliver a seamless customer journey with the available tools on the market. In 2021 she founded JourneyTrack, a cloud-based collaboration suite that puts the customer at the center of the experience, she said in an interview with Refresh Miami. Her startup enables companies to create personas and end-to-end customer journeys in order to deliver exceptional  experiences.

“What JourneyTrack does is allows these end-to-end experiences to be understood and tracked and connected across different divisions, which is a huge pain point that exists today,” said Rodriguez, JourneyTrack’s CEO. “Our mission is to humanize the customer experience.”

To help the company grow, JourneyTrack has just closed on $1.5 million in seed funding. The round is led by Portland-based Elevate Capital, which invested $1 million. Orlando-based through DeepWork Capital invested $500,000.

Rodriguez, who earned a B.S. from Carnegie Mellon and an M.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Miami, brings over two decades of experience in user research and design, customer experience strategy, and product innovation in the enterprise space. When she connected with Nitin Rai, founder and managing partner of Elevate Capital, in a chance meeting at eMerge Americas, they immediately clicked.

“I come from the CX/UX background and I understood the problem that she was trying to solve. She also had Google and some other big names as customers and came out of consulting,” Rai expained. “But then as we started to talk, I could spot the passion, I could spot, the grit.”

Most importantly, Rai said, Rodriguez was following “a very similar trajectory” to a number of female founders that Elevate has invested in. Elevate invests in US-based early-stage startups of diverse and underrepresented entrepreneurs; 95% of its portfolio companies are led by diverse founders, including 75% by women. ”She’s highly transparent, and it was a really great experience going through the diligence,” Rai added.

JourneyTrack today is a team of 15 people, including its developer team.  Rodriguez reports the platform launched in March 0f 2022 and business growth has tripled, with nearly 100% customer retention.

With the funding from Elevate and DeepWork, Rodriguez plans to hire a couple of developers, hopefully in South Florida, and invest in sales and marketing. She hopes to raise more funding and close out the seed round at about $2 million.

Rodriguez said she was aware that venture funding is historically very low for Latinas. Still, as a serial founder with a strong senior team and “good numbers” to show investors, Rodriguez said she was surprised by the difficulty. Indeed, women-founded startups in South Florida drew under 1% of Miami-area venture capital last year, less than the national average. Even mixed startups with at least one woman co-founder received just 11% of the venture pie in South Florida.  

Rai said dire statistics like these are why Elevate exists. This is Elevate’s first investment in the Miami ecosystem but won’t be the last, he added, and Elevate plans to formally launch in Miami next month. “When I came to Miami in January for a week, I had 12 meetings … and I thought, there’s something going on here, I need to be part of this.“

Photo at top of post: Elevate’s Nitin Rai and JourneyTrack’s Ania Rodriguez.


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