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Miami Beach-based lures $3 million SoftBank investment

Miami Beach-based lures $3 million SoftBank investment


A Miami Beach-based wellness company scored a SoftBank investment. created a platform that provides enterprise and consumer wellness solutions that include live and interactive meditation (live coaching, music and sleep stories) as well as yoga, walking, running and stretching classes. The company this week said it raised a $3 million capital investment by SoftBank Capital NY.

Proceeds from the $3 million SoftBank investment will be used to scale across thousands of businesses and millions of consumers, said CEO D. Sharma. Plans include adding support for language translation, more interactive classes and more doctors, scientists, authors and teachers.

Sharma founded with his wife, Julie Sharma, in 2018. Previously, the serial entrepreneur and investor created a speech recognition technology, receiving the first patent on multimodal technologies, as well as xAd, an advertising service that uses GPS technology.

 “If you haven’t practiced meditation in the past, the first time can be quite intimidating. We wanted to create a platform that would provide participants with a live and interactive experience with seasoned coaches, so participants have the ability to ask questions and learn along the way,” Sharma said.

 In the last few years, mindfulness companies have been growing in popularity around the world – San Francisco-based Calm is a unicorn — and have been sprouting in South Florida too. “The business is quickly becoming a force in the industry to create an experience for consumers that they haven’t seen before,” said Jordan Levy, Managing Partner of SoftBank Capital NY.’s platform allows anyone to ask questions to its teachers live. Its new web application integrates with Slack, so employees can invite team members to join them in meditation sessions and take team building activities to the next level. 

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