Miami’s tech pulse felt at FII 7 conference as it sets the stage for 2024

The Future Investment Initiative (FII) 7 conference in Riyadh presented an intriguing glimpse into the future of global tech and a reaffirmation of Miami’s burgeoning role on this stage. 

Established in 2017 as a platform for global leaders to discuss the world’s most pressing issues, FII’s presence is a barometer for the challenges and opportunities shaping our era. With the announcement that FII, organized by the data-driven, non-profit FII Institute, is set to return to Miami in 2024 for its second annual conference, it’s clear that the Magic City’s tech heartbeat is resonating on an international scale. 

The FII Institute, launched in 2020 with an investment arm and a focused agenda on Impact on Humanity, leverages its convening power to address global challenges, and the 7th edition of FII, held under the theme of ‘The New Compass’, did just that. Over 200 sessions, panels, and discussions from October 24 to 26, 2023, in Riyadh, explored how we can navigate uncertain times to chart new directions toward a prosperous future for all — a mission Miami is intimately aligned with.

The main plenary room at the 7th Annual FII Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Richard Attias, CEO of the FII Institute, encapsulated the sentiment, expressing an eager anticipation for the institute’s return engagement after a successful 2023 summit in Miami: “I cannot wait to be in Miami again, Miami is the new America!” His comments highlighted the city’s thriving tech community and burgeoning venture capital presence, emphasizing Miami as a nexus for innovation and LATAM investment.

The overarching theme of FII 7 addressed the pressing need for global investment ecosystems to adapt to the winds of demographic shifts, geopolitical changes, economic advancements, and evolving technology penetration. Miami’s references were not just passing mentions but central to the discourse about where the tech world is heading.

Laura Gaviria Halaby, a founding member of Faktory AI, brought this point home on the “Where to Tech?” panel. She spoke of a new tech decade distinctly different from the past, pointing out that LATAM’s substantial GDP and fintech sector are ripe for increased investment. Her emphasis on the resilience of LATAM’s founders, accustomed to navigating political instability, suggested that Miami could be the crucible where these challenges are turned into opportunities.

Laura Gaviria Halaby on the ‘Where To Tech?’ panel

Adam Neumann, the founder of WeWork and now at the helm of Flow, illustrated Miami’s spirit of innovation through action. His Visionary Entrepreneurship Competition, rewarding impact entrepreneurs with mentorship and exposure in Miami, reinforced the city’s commitment to sustainable and equitable growth in the tech sector.

Adam Neumann alongside impact entrepreneurs who are coming to Miami

Moreover, Miami’s own Manny Medina, founder and chairman of eMerge Americas, took to the “Diving Deep into Quantum” panel to discuss the seismic impacts quantum technologies will bring to industries worldwide. His insights were not just theoretical but rooted in Miami’s own journey toward becoming a tech hub that bridges the U.S., LATAM, and Europe.

Manny Medina (far right) during the “Diving Deep into Quantum” panel

Shu Nyatta of Bicycle Capital brought an investor’s perspective to the “How to build cradles of innovation” and “How tech will transform the global south in a post-AI world” panels. He underscored the necessity for fostering ecosystems that thrive on innovation and ensure sustainable and equitable impacts – themes that resonate with Miami’s own ambitions.

Shu Nyatta (far left) of Bicycle Capital

As the FII Institute prepares for its Miami rendezvous in 2024, it carries the promise of reinforcing and expanding upon the connections established in Riyadh. The anticipation for this event is a testament to Miami’s role as a pivotal player in the tech revolution, poised to channel its vibrant energy into a gathering that promises to shape the future of global investment and technological innovation. 

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Nicole Vasquez