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Mojochat expands conversation platform to job hunting and business conversation 

Mojochat expands conversation platform to job hunting and business conversation 

While COVID is running rampant, the folks over at Mojochat have been busy building new products.

After the success of their Mojochat Conversations platform, where Chinese students pay to chat with American college students to improve their conversational English skills, Mojochat’s co-founders and team have recently launched Mojochat Career and Mojochat Business. They are also in the middle of raising money for a $1.5 million series A.

Chris Cole

“Mojochat Career came out of the fact that I was a head hunter for 20+ years and I learned that the most important thing for success in an interview, is the ability to have a conversation,” said Chris Cole, Cofounder of Mojochat.

But what really spurred them to launch Career, was a need in the market. FIU’s Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism came to them and said, “How can you help our domestic students?” As a result, students enrolled in the hospitality program do a Career session when they start a class, and then another one when the class is over, that way they can gauge their progress.

“The point with all this is that younger people have no opportunity to practice any of this,” said Cole.

Mojochat Careers was developed over a quick 3-week period, but Mojochat Business has been a year in the making. Their first client is Entegris, a material sciences company based in Massachusetts. 

“Mojochat Business isn’t about business – it’s not – it’s about conversation and learning to build trust. Business is all about building trust,” said Cole.


The Mojochat platform gives users valuable insights into their conversational skills.