Norwegian PleasureTech startup Ohdoki opens U.S. HQ in Miami

By Riley Kaminer

Watch out, Miami: there’s a new addition to our tech scene. Meet Norwegian startup Ohdoki, creator of The Handy, a tech-forward sex toy. Ohdoki just launched its U.S. headquarters in Miami, with plans to take on the American market with a growing team and product line.

At the helm of operations stateside is CEO and co-founder Jens Petter Wilhelmsen. Throw away any stereotypes of a sex toy CEO because Wilhelmsen breaks the mold. For the first chunk of his career, Wilhelmsen had a very standard corporate trajectory: studying finance and accounting, becoming an analyst in Norway’s oil and gas sector, and doing stints in management consulting and corporate finance.

But in 2016, that all changed. A severe concussion took Wilhelmsen out of work for a year and a half. “I had to rethink my strategy of how I approach life,” he told Refresh Miami. At that point, he had a pretty good idea that he wanted to do something more entrepreneurial, but he wasn’t sure what exactly.

“In late 2017, by chance I met Alexander [Bjørkmann], and he pitched me the idea of building a better masturbation device,” recalled Wilhelmsen. His response? “You know, this is quite different – coming from a corporate life doing financial modeling and due diligence to moving into sex toys.”

Soon, Wilhelmsen found himself convinced by Bjørkmann’s argument that the products currently available on the market were not delivering the full package. Bjørkmann, an engineer by training who is now Ohdoki’s co-founder and CTO, shared his vision for how leveraging tech can enable Ohdoki to shoot up to the top of the $40 billion sex toy market.

The decision to hop onto the Ohdoki team was validated as soon as Wilhelmsen tried an early, 3D-printed prototype of the product: “Instantly, it blew me away.” It’s a flexible device that is one size fits all (“regardless if you have a pen or a can, it will fit,” according to Wilhelmsen), he continued, noting that the device has the longest stroke length in the market that will “cater for whatever kind of session you’d like” and an industry-leading powerful motor that “gets the job done.” 

Another unique aspect of The Handy is its interactive capabilities. “It’s a smart device, which opens a spectrum of different experiences,” said Wilhelmsen. You, or anyone with an internet connection, can control it, or plug it into other platforms through APIs. The Handy also boasts a zero-latency video synchronization feature that lets users connect with their favorite content on an even deeper level.

Since bringing its product to market in 2019, Ohdoki has sold 125,000 units. Around 60% of those were sold in the U.S., which is a major reason why Wilhelmsen decided it was time to relocate stateside. After vetting New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, Wilhelmsen said that “the sexiest town in the U.S.” (that’s us!) won out. Of course, Wilhelmsen also likes Miami’s business friendly environment, as well as our warm climate. And he was excited about planting roots in a city with a growing startup scene that people want to be part of.

The majority of Ohdoki’s 25-person team is still in Norway. Now that Wilhelmsen is here though, he plans to build out a commercial team in the next three to six months to take on the world’s biggest sex toy market.

Ohdoki will launch a female product at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this month.  “That should be a game changer,” Wilhelmsen said, hoping that the new product will help put Ohdoki on the map not just as a sex toy company but also as a tech innovator.

Pictured at top of post: Ohdoki co-founder and CEO Jens Petter Wilhelmsen, now in Miami.


Riley Kaminer