Office Logic coworking space aims to be the new ‘hub’ of Miami’s tech scene

By Chris Daniels

Over the past few years, the Miami tech scene’s central location has bounced around quite a bit from co-working spaces to events to coffee shops and even hacker houses. For a growing tech community like Miami, a vibrant physical space is essential to connect the community. 

A new coworking space called Office Logic in the Edgewater neighborhood just north of Downtown Miami aims to be the new hub for the ever-growing Miami tech scene.

Office Logic was started by Noelle Jackson, a successful entrepreneur who runs a large custodial service business that serves many of the buildings in Miami’s famous skyline. Realizing the need for a centralized hub for Miami’s growing tech community, Jackson acquired the space and opened Office Logic in January 2023. 

Noelle Jackson, Founder of Office Logic

Noelle’s vision is to create a central hub for entrepreneurs where investors, government officials, communities, service providers, and startups come together to collaborate. Since its launch, Office Logic has become home to Lightship Capital, Shrimp Society, Venture Miami, Argent Strategies, OneSeven Tech, Local Leaders Collective, and dozens of startups.  

“As an entrepreneur who has experienced the ups and downs of this challenging path, I am driven to make the journey easier for others. I am committed to creating an ecosphere at The HUB – the go-to destination for founders at every stage – where startups and entrepreneurs can access everything they need to flourish and thrive,” says Jackson.

Office Logic’s location sits perfectly in the middle of Downtown, Wynwood, Midtown, and South Beach. The 24,550-square-foot office space is in the Omni Building at 1501 Biscayne Blvd. Parking is easy in the Omni Building garage, or anyone in the metro area can jump on the Metro Mover to get there for free. The office is just steps away from Margaret Pace Park, coffee shops, and restaurants in Edgewater. This is such a bonus for entrepreneurs or tech folks that can enjoy a midday walk along the water, a healthy lunch, or a quick supplies run. 

Inside Office Logic, you’ll find a dynamic space that offers traditional office spaces with beautiful views, dedicated desks, and a cozy coworking space. The space also offers amenities like a podcast studio, a formal training room, phone booths, and trendy “collab rooms” with whiteboards and couches.

Arguably the most important aspect of a coworking space is the vibes. Office Logic’s vibes are optimistic, personal, and collaborative. This is driven by the leadership, communities, and interesting people who fill up the space every day. A normal day at Office Logic could be a focused whiteboard session, lunch at Pura Vida with a quick walk around Margaret Pace Park, an evening startup workshop, followed by a sound bath or yoga to wind down.  

The Office Logic community is driven by two established leaders – Ryan Rea, Miami Tech’s Ambassador, and Elizabeth Irizarry, COO of Local Leaders Collective. This community building duo has been instrumental in establishing Office Logic in the Miami Tech community. 

Rea shared that, “Office Logic is somewhere people WANT to be, not somewhere people have to be…I believe this [Office Logic] is a once-in-a-generational opportunity for Miami and Miami Tech.” 

Office Logic’s community leaders Ryan Rea and Elizabeth Irizarry

Office Logic continues to fill up its space with new leases, coworking memberships, and events every night. Jackson’s vision and grit, paired with the community-driven growth of Irizarry and Rea, have led Office Logic to become the home base for entrepreneurs in Miami.

Interested in visiting Office Logic? The team invites you to stop by Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm for a tour. They also offer numerous free events you can join here.

Chris Daniels is a serial entrepreneur and community builder focused on Miami’s startup scene. He leads a local founder community, incubator, and accelerator called the Shrimp Society. Email him at [email protected]

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Chris Daniels