On Sept. 22, top data scientists and AI enthusiasts will descend downtown for PyData Miami 

By Riley Kaminer

Miami-based data scientist Teodor Georgiev is on a mission to share his passion for everything AI. From a young age, he would attend various meetups and conferences to try to expand his knowledge and network with experts in the field. But more often than not, Georgiev found these conversations to be siloed – happening behind closed doors just among people in ‘the know.’

But when Georgiev came across a local data science study group and PyData Miami, he immediately felt something different. “It was beyond my wildest dreams,” he told Refresh Miami of PyData Miami’s inaugural conference in 2019. “It was so welcoming – the people, the conversations, everything – that it inspired me to want to start to help organize their events.”

Fast forward to today and Georgiev is now co-organizing PyData Miami’s 2022 conference, happening on September 22nd at Ampersand Studios. This volunteer-driven expert is expected to attract 150 delegates, with the goal to bring together local and international experts and enthusiasts to connect, share ideas, and learn from each other. 

At PyData Miami, attendees will hear about cutting-edge use cases in everything from Machine Learning and Deep Learning to Reinforcement Learning and Natural Language Processing. Other major topics include data engineering, Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), and end-to-end Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps). And the conference will also feature conversations around ethics and responsibility in AI, and how to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Confirmed speakers include IBM executive Noelle Silver Russell, Lightning AI founder William Falcon, Exscientia researcher Aleksandra Kalisz, and University of Miami visual journalism professor Alberto Cairo.

Proceeds from the event, which costs $180 to attend, will go towards NumFOCUS, the non-profit that runs PyData’s community of over 200 chapters.

What would success look like for Georgiev? “I often come home from a data science meetup or conference with a smile on my face, just because of the incredible conversations that we had with people there,” he said, emphasizing that the credit for the success of past events comes down to the whole community of attendees. 

“If people leave PyData Miami with a smile on their face, then the event will have been a success, in my opinion.”

Miami-based data scientist Teodor Georgiev

Georgiev is particularly passionate about this event because of its potential to spread knowledge about AI at scale. “Talent should ideally be developed not just through universities, high schools, and other traditional educational programs – but also through community events like this.” 

And the timing is more important than ever. “Data science and machine learning touch everything – every industry in Miami,” Georgiev said. “The reality is that there will be more and more need for the advanced analytics that machine learning, data science, and data engineering can provide – especially as more startups continue to come to Miami.”

Want to deepen your involvement in Miami’s data science community? Check out the Miami Machine Learning meetup group.

WHAT: PyData Miami 2022

WHO: Data scientists and AI enthusiasts

HOW MUCH: $180

WHEN: September 22nd

WHERE: Ampersand Studios, 31 NE 17th St, Miami


Riley Kaminer