Participating Employers

The Tech Talent Coalition drives action through 4 employer-led working groups, with each workgroup having its own co-chair(s).

Meet the participating employers below.

Inclusive Tech Talent Pipeline Workgroup

Building partnerships to connect non-traditional talent pools to enter the tech space. Learn more here.

Co-Chairs: Selenis Leguisamon of Amazon Web Services and Toia Santamarina of GET Cities Miami

  • Amazon
  • Amazon Web Services
  • ContempCo
  • Contexto
  • Focus GTS
  • GET Cities
  • Hiberus
  • LaCalle Group
  • Meta (Facebook)
  • Strategio
  • Ted Miller Group, LLC
Chairs of employer-led workgroups, from left to right: Reginald Andre of ARK Solvers, Selenis Leguisamon of Amazon Web Services, Toia Santamarina of GET Cities Miami, Charles Irizzary of Brim & Company, Olga Naumovich of Millennium, and Ken Finneran of eMed

Emerging Talent Workgroup

Opportunities for entry-level technology jobs, internships, and apprenticeships. Learn more here.

Co-Chairs: Charles Irizzary of Brim & Company and Ken Finneran of eMed

  • Assurant
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Belle Fleur Technologies
  • Brim
  • Briyah Institute
  • CoinRoutes
  • Cryptan Labs
  • eMed
  • Focus GTS
  • Google
  • Human Cloud
  • Key Lime Interactive
  • Momentum Consulting
  • SageSure
  • Salesforce
  • Slalom
  • Telefonica

Tech Skills Gap Workgroup

Re-skilling and/or up-skilling existing employees.

Co-Chairs: Olga Naumovich of Millennium and Jacqueline Fenster of Momentum Consulting

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Assurant
  • Bootup
  • CoinRoutes
  • Millennium
  • Momentum Consulting
  • Remote Labor
  • Softbinator
  • Total Wine
  • Walmart GoLocal

Small Business Capacity Building Workgroup

Creating tech talent pathways for Micro and Small Businesses. Learn more here.

Co-Chair: Reginald Andre of ARK Solvers

  • Ark Solvers
  • Coda Search
  • DApp360 Workforce
  • Datamac Analytics LLC
  • Remote Labor
  • ScaleUp Legal
  • Ugogo
  • Vermillion Sky