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Ready to cruise the seven seas in style? Boatsetter has got you covered

Ready to cruise the seven seas in style? Boatsetter has got you covered

It’s full steam ahead for Fort Lauderdale-based Boatsetter, which today announced today the launch of Boatsetter Lux, its premium platform for boat rentals.

With Boatsetter Lux, landlubbers and keen captains alike can find and charter their dream yacht. Packages include everything from one-day outings to longer experiences curated by Boatsetter’s dedicated concierge team. 

This announcement comes off the heels of the startup’s recent launch of Boatsetter Fishing, a platform focused on fishing excursions for all budgets. 

In a statement, Jaclyn Baumgarten, Boatsetter’s Co-Founder and CEO, said that “the official launch of Boatsetter Lux allows us to make yachting accessible to a broader audience both in the U.S. and internationally.”

Boatsetter Lux has yachts available in more than 600 locations around the world, including key locations like the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico, Greece, Italy, Turkey, France, and Southeast Asia. Prices start at $1,500 for experiences on 40- to 110-foot yachts.

Since 2017, Boatsetter has partnered with Airbnb Luxe to offer unique voyages as part of users’ stays in some of the world’s most exclusive homes and villas.

Johann Jacquot, a former business development executive at Airbnb Luxe, noted that Boatsetter was their “most booked partner for additional services around the world.” He continued: “it became second nature to offer a cruise on their vessels as clients often described it as the highlight of their trip. Boatsetter’s platform is so easy to use, and their service team is so helpful, that they became an extension of our offering. In a nutshell, it’s the perfect match.”

The peer-to-peer marketplace has gained significant traction since the pandemic, when consumers were looking for safe ways to escape the confines of their homes after months of restrictions. The startup expects to double their business in 2021 after having experienced year-over-year growth of 564% in March.

Baumgarten explained that the Boatsetter team has had their sights set on the higher-end boating market: “At the onset of the pandemic, we anticipated the return of travel and saw an opportunity to organically grow our mid to high-end luxury experiences in a new venue.”

This foresight has paid off. Year over year, the luxury portion of Boatsetter’s business has grown by 300%. While Miami remains the biggest market for Boatsetter in the South Florida region, West Palm Beach and Tampa Bay are the fastest growing year to date. And for Boatsetter, as Baumgarten told Refresh Miami last month, “what you see now is just the start.”


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