Superlogic lands $7.6M strategic round to pioneer the future of loyalty points

By Riley Kaminer

Let the points game commence. Superlogic has just announced that it has secured a $7.6 million strategic round to accelerate the development of an interoperable protocol to enable consumers to break free of the rewards point silos. Participating investors include Amex Ventures, Sangha Capital, 10SQ Capital, Nima Capital, Actai Unicorn Fund, and Chainlink Capital. 

“We’ve been building loyalty programs since 2018,” co-founder and CEO Lin Dai told Refresh Miami, noting the company’s longtime partnership with the WMG Rewards program. Dai asserted that the music industry is leading the pact in seeing its end consumers as fans. These rewards programs enable fans to own tokens, giving them access to sweepstakes that unlock unique experiences. “Now we want to take this model and apply it to brands and other retail merchants.”

The idea is that, through Superlogic’s platform, users can take their points and redeem them for products and experience from other programs in Superlogic’s network. That already happens on a small scale: For instance, you can turn your Amex points into Delta miles or Marriott points. But Superlogic’s platform would up the ante, dramatically expanding the availability for these kinds of swaps. Superlogic follows a SaaS model whereby it whitelabels it platform for each enterprise client while also integrating with existing CRM, CDP, and traditional loyalty management system

Dai underscored how Superlogic, formerly known as NFT platform OneOf, is bridging the gap between the words of Web 2.0 and web3. Superlogic’s “Points and Badge” system tokenizes rewards points and creates digital badges to represent redeemable products and experiences. The platform also leverages AI and gamification to further drive higher engagement. 

“This immediately delivers value to the program and also to end users,” asserted Dai. “It doesn’t matter to the user which database their points sit on, as long as it offers them new opportunities to engage with rewards, unlocking more rewards capability.”

This investment marks an expansion of Superlogic’s connections to the American Express ecosystem. Superlogic had previously partnered with Amex to offer special discounts to Superlogic’s products and services. Similar partnerships, including with WMG and the Brave browser, will translate into Superlogic’s tools touching tens of millions of users.

About a third of Superlogic’s nearly 50 employees are based in Miami. Including this latest round, the company has raised $15 million, including from previous investors such as Warner Music Group, Mirabaud, Galaxy Interactive and Liquid 2 Ventures.


Riley Kaminer