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Fort Lauderdale-based Ubicquia raises $30 million Series C round

Fort Lauderdale-based Ubicquia raises $30 million Series C round


A smart-city technology startup based in Fort Lauderdale announced it has raised $30 million in a Series C funding round.  

Ubicquia offers  smart city, small cell and smart grid solutions that aim to make cities smarter, safer and more connected — for example, smart streetlights with sensors for lighting control and real-time data that also are distribution points for public wifi.  The investment will be used for accelerating the hardware and software company’s  product offerings and funding its expanded manufacturing and order volumes.

“This $30 million in growth capital will allow Ubicquia to accelerate our solutions that are addressing critical needs of cities and utilities globally in the areas of energy savings, transportation optimization, public safety and monitoring of critical infrastructure,” said Ubicquia CEO Ian Aaron, in a statement.

Participating in the funding round was Miami-based Fuel Venture Capital, which also led a $25 million seed round in Boca Raton-based PredaSAR and a $7.5 million round in Miami micro-mobility startup Bolt Mobility in Q1.

Founded in 2014, Ubicquia has raised a total of $60 million. The company  employs 96 people, Aaron said. “We do not have open positions listed at the moment but will soon.” Ubicquia moved its headquarters from Melbourne, Fla., to Fort Lauderdale in July.

In May, Ubicquia acquired the smart city platform CityIQ from GE Current, which had 25 patents and more than 8,000 Edge AI cameras deployed across the U.S. and Canada . Ubicquia products are  deployed in more than 100 cities globally, according to the company.

Adds Aaron: “Our public WiFi, private LTE and small cell solutions that simply plug into existing streetlights are helping communities and school districts more rapidly and cost-effectively address COVID connectivity concerns and bridge the digital divide.”

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