UK-born Connectd brings startup networking platform stateside, with Miami as hub

By Riley Kaminer

Startup success is all about connections. Finding the right team, the right investors, the right initial clients – so much of the early traction startups crave comes from knowing the right people at the right time.

Roei Samuel learned this firsthand: first as the founder of RealSport, an eSport platform that was acquired by Gfinity. Then as an angel investor, deploying some of the capital from the exit into various other startups.

“I started to see some really strong positive correlation between certain behaviors that startups were making and the successful outcomes they were having,” Samuel {pictured above] told Refresh Miami. First, the quality and frequency of investor reporting and investor relations; and second, their ability to access expert networks.

“Not rocket science by any means,” admitted Samuel, “but what I found to be really interesting was seeing how many of my startup companies were foregoing those fundamental best practices that most strongly correlate with success.”

Why was this happening? In a word: friction. Founders were too busy and it was too time consuming to do IR and find experts manually. So in 2019, Samuel started building a solution called Connectd.

Through Connectd’s SaaS platform (with subscriptions starting at $15/month), users can integrate all their bank accounts, payment platforms, and accounting solutions – and then easily create individualized reports for investors. They can also create portals showcasing their company’s ‘hero’ metrics.

Additionally, startup founders and advisors use Connectd to find each other. Instead of spending hours trolling through LinkedIn to find an advisor that may or may not be a fit, Connectd users can share exactly what kind of advice they’re looking for (e.g., performance marketing, reducing churn, people management).

Since launching in the UK in 2020, the platform has amassed 3,500 customers and $5.5 million in ARR. Already entrepreneurs from 22 countries use Connectd. But in 2023, the company decided to double down on the US by optimizing the platform for local market.

And they’ve landed in Miami as they’re launchpad for US growth, of course.

Why? Beyond enabling Samuel and his team of more than 50 employees to escape the dark British winter when necessary, he expressed excitement about the growth of our local tech ecosystem. “There are so many people coming into Miami – so many great people in town who are very responsive and welcoming.”

After spending three months in Miami towards the end of 2022, Samuel was hooked. “For us, Miami makes total sense.”

So far, Connectd has raised $8.5 million. Samuel signaled that the company will raise a Series A toward the end of this year.

For now though, Samuel is excited to see the impact Connectd can make. “There is so much pent up capital in the market right now, and so many incredible experts out there. If we can unlock that capital, unlock that expertise, and get it to people who are trying to solve the world’s biggest problems, then we can really play a big big part in making some incredibly important things happen.”


Riley Kaminer