UpsideHōM expands senior living network to 5 Florida markets, plans to reach 100 US markets this year

This Fort Lauderdale startup also plans to triple its team in coming months

UpsideHōM today announced the expansion of its network of senior living communities. The Fort Lauderdale startup has increased its footprint in Tampa, Orlando, Naples, Jacksonville and Pensacola. By the end of this year, UpsideHōM plans to expand to 100 new markets across the US at a rate of roughly 10 a month.

In an interview with Refresh Miami, UpsideHōM co-founder and CEO Jake Rothstein explained that the startup has been seeing major growth from around the US. “What we found is that everyone thinks that South Florida and Florida in general are meccas for retirees – and to a certain extent they are – but our demographic is everywhere.”

The US is rapidly aging. In 2000, one in eight Americans was age 65 or older – a figure that is estimated to rise to one in five by 2040. Rothstein noted that 90% of Americans want to age in their home, but many are unable to because of triggering events like death of a spouse or the need to downsize.

That’s where UpsideHōM comes in, enabling seniors to live an independent life while being surrounded by a community that cares for them. Residents are provided with turn-key units that give them more autonomy than your average communal senior living facility.

UpsideHōM’s residents live in modern units with amenities that help them keep their autonomy. This extensive list – enviable of any college student – includes regular housekeeping, grocery delivery, a dedicated concierge team, and fitness programming. Residents pay all their main expenses (electric, water, cable, internet) in one bill.

“The launch of these markets within our portfolio is a testament to this generation’s desire for independent living,” Peter Badgley, UpsideHōM co-founder and COO, commented in a statement.

 “Seniors are seeking out an individualized aging experience, where they can pick and choose from the services they need and want, socialize and meet new people on their own terms, while still taking advantage of the support our HōM managers offer,” continued Badgley.

Rothstein, who previously co-founded Miami-based senior companion unicorn Papa, noted the complicated nature of creating a tech-powered solution for older adults. However, after experimentation, Rothstein and team discovered that seniors are very comfortable texting. 

“We decided to give them that channel to enable them to access the services that they might need, using technologies that they’re familiar and comfortable with, but also offering a variety of others like a mobile app,” Rothstein said. This multi-platform approach ensures that other stakeholders, such as the resident’s younger family members, are also comfortable interacting digitally with UpsideHōM.

Alongside UpsideHōM’s expansion adding thousands of new units to its inventory, the company has plans to triple its currently 11-person team within the next two or three months. They are hiring across all verticals, including marketing, technology, and operations. The venture-funded startup, launched in early 2020, has raised $7.75 million, according to Pitchbook.

Rothstein is bullish on Fort Lauderdale’s position in the broader South Florida tech landscape. “Miami gets a lot of the buzz but I think there’s a lot of activity starting to happen north of Miami, in Fort Lauderdale and beyond,” he said. “We’re excited to be a part of the ecosystem.”


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Riley Kaminer