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Zumper jumps at opportunity to open hub in Miami

Zumper jumps at opportunity to open hub in Miami

Calling it an “easy call,” Zumper CEO Anthemos Georgiades announced that the popular apartment-finding website would be opening a “hub” in Miami. In announcing the new office plans, Georgiades cited Miami’s tech boom and the Miami mayor’s role in accelerating it. 

“Francis Suarez has solved the chicken & egg problem. The compound impact of brilliant and diverse talent coupled with seasoned operators who have recently moved there is big. What startup can afford to miss out on that talent?” tweeted Georgiades, who is also a co-founder.

”We’re delighted to join the community.”

Georgiades also gave shoutouts to Saif Ishoof, the mayor’s  senior adviser for innovation and technology, and DDA business development leader Kevin Ruiz for making opening up a Miami office “a breeze.”

He  did not say where the new office would be, but most of the companies are settling into Wynwood, downtown Miami or Brickell. Earlier this week, the Founders Fund, along with Atomic and OpenStore, an e-commerce startup being launched by Keith Rabois,  announced they would be building out and opening up offices on three floors of the Wynwood Annex.

How big will be office be? The Miami Herald reported the move would create up to 150 jobs, but Zumper would not confirm that number.

“We don’t have a specific target for the number of employees, but will be opening roles within our engineering, sales and marketing departments,” said Miranda Harper, Zumper’s director of communications, in a follow-up email. “We will continue to grow our presence in Miami in parallel with our business growth and market needs.”  

Wynwood and downtown Miami are both potential locations for the physical office, but Zumper won’t open an office while its Covid-19 related WFH policies are in place, Harper said.

Zumper, a popular platform that makes finding an apartment seamless and stress free, is headquartered in San Francisco. Zumper has raised over $143 million in venture capital, including a Series D round last year, according to Crunchbase. It joins a number of tech companies that are opening offices or expanding their ranks in Miami. More than 300 investors and founders have announced moves to the Magic City in the last few months.

In the same announcement on Friday, Georgiades said Zumper would also be opening an office in Los Angeles.

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