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8 startups selected for Endeavor Miami’s ScaleUp Program. Let's meet them

8 startups selected for Endeavor Miami’s ScaleUp Program. Let’s meet them

Water leaks are a huge problem in high-rise buildings, particularly older ones. Ronald Kritzler, co-founder and CEO of Likk Technologies, and his team developed a sensor-based platform-as-a-service startup to monitor every single access point in a building for water leaks, detect them and respond before the damage is done. Its customers are condo associations and property managers.

Not only can the company’s platform detect and mitigate problems before they escalate, but the data is valuable to property managers and insurers alike, Kritzler said. Now, insurers are beginning to offer discounts for such services and may even require it for coverage of buildings with a history of leaks. New buildings are not immune either – the first couple of years are when leaks can show up because of mistakes in the construction process, Kritzler said.

Likk, which launched its service on the market in 2018 and is now a team of 8, serves 27 buildings in South Florida. “Last year we captured about 3,000 water alerts and we got zero insurance claims so it’s working,” Kritzler said. “And every drop of water we can save is a contribution to sustainability.”

Endeavor Miami selected Likk and seven other startups to participate in its ScaleUp Program, Cohort Three. Endeavor’s ScaleUp Program is a four-month acceleration program designed to support startups with high-impact potential to scale. Kritzler said he hopes the program will help him streamline and perfect the company’s nationwide expansion strategy.

“We’re thrilled with the launch of ScaleUp Cohort Three, as it is the result of iterations of the past two years of Endeavor programs,” said Rebecca Negro Rocha, Endeavor Miami’s Accelerator Manager. “Even more so, we’re excited with the cohort we have selected, as they are indicative of the momentum we’re seeing in #MiamiTech. We look forward to sixteen weeks of learnings and exchanges to get them to scale.”

The ScaleUp program uses Endeavor’s methodology in mentorship and peer-to-peer support as well as the global organization’s expertise in scaleups. The participants will have access to Endeavor’s network of mentors and entrepreneurs willing to exchange experiences and build new connections.

Another member of Cohort 3 is Digibee, a Brazilian startup that is expanding into the U.S., with Miami as its base. Digibee, co-founded by Rodrigo Bernardinelli, Vitor Sousa, and Peter Kreslins Junior in 2017, offers a no-code integration platform so that an enterprise company’s staff can easily integrate services without being a programmer. 

“We are dealing with a very old tech problem, which is connecting systems, and we have a simple approach to that problem but for big enterprise systems,” said Bernardinelli, in a Refresh Miami interview last year. The approach to integration allows enterprises to accelerate decision making, enhance customer experience and achieve greater business outcomes in a fast and scalable way without a major investment, the company says. Digibee, which serves over 100 enterprise customers, has offices in São Paulo, Brazil; Sunrise, Florida and Denver, Colorado.

In addition to Likk and Digibee, here are the other companies participating in the program (descriptions provided by Endeavor Miami):

CIELO: Utilizing the latest in IoT, cellular, and QR technology, CIELO’s cloud-based content distribution software provides businesses a centralized platform to turn their TVs and their customer’s smartphones into their best sales and marketing tools. CIELO has deployed its software solutions in over 55 countries across more than 13,000 screens worldwide. 

Five Drinks Co: Founded in 2019, Five friends with a combined 100 years of beverage industry experience set out to make a high quality, ready-to-drink cocktail. Each Five Drinks cocktail is made with five high-end ingredients and is packaged in  recyclable aluminium designed for zero waste.

MAGIIS: The white label digital platform for mobility companies aimes to globally empower the people transportation industry to drive the future of secure and sustainable mobility.

MyBundle.TV: As a consumer and enterprise platform simplifying Streaming TV, MyBundle.TV’s free tools help consumers cut the cord, discover new streaming services and find content across their services.  It now incorporates over 150 streaming services and partners with broadband providers serving 5.6 million customers.

OnPost: As the first luxury digital and contextual marketplace in Latin America specialized in sustainable fashion and beauty brands, OnPost is committed to creating accessibility as well as  supporting the indigenous communities of artisans in many communities throughout LATAM.

Skyloom Global: Skyloom is solving a critical, fast-growing sustainability problem in space-based telecommunications with a lasercom backhaul network in space playing a pivotal role in planetary-scale telecom infrastructures to provide high-speed, secure and low-latency worldwide connectivity.

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