Automate your e-commerce presence by leveraging ModernAI’s suite of tools 

By Riley Kaminer

Retail e-commerce sales, which in 2021 accounted for a whopping $5.2 trillion globally, are set to grow to 56% to $8.1 trillion by 2026. This major growth is projected to happen despite the acute lack of tools available to enable entrepreneurs to harness the full potential of e-commerce.

But this opportunity is not passing Adam Wellington by. Wellington is the Miami-based founder and CEO of Neon Flux, a data-first brand accelerator. He and his team have spun out ModernAI, a platform that automates virtually every aspect of the online sales process and generates custom content to make e-commerce companies streamlined and more profitable.

“Right now, if you go to launch a brand, there are dozens of services you need to connect,” Wellington told Refresh Miami. “Even if you have a Shopify store, you’ve got 30 apps that you’ve got to manage. And if one updates, it breaks.”

Wellington also noted the laundry list of issues with Shopify that make it a headache for entrepreneurs. “You don’t actually own your payment. For example, if you don’t mark a product as shipped in 72 hours, they refund the customer. So there are a lot of issues that compound.”

Adam Wellington, founder and CEO of Neon Flux

ModernAI’s platform can classify consumers, optimize how they move through aspects of an online brand, and create content that appeals to them – all with minimal human input. It maximizes profitability across various direct-to-consumer verticals including advertising, price testing, web design, and customer segmentation. ModernAI also integrates with ChatGPT to provide copy suggestions for product descriptions, calls to action, and more, based on language that performs well. 

Wellington described the UX of the platform as something in between the oversimplified nature of Shopify and the complex customization available through custom-coded platforms. “We’ve made using the platform as seamless as possible,” he noted. “It’s definitely an enterprise-level platform that is great for a brand doing $5 million to $100 million in revenue.”

Eventually, the platform plans to gather, analyze, and act on data about the consumer – things like demographic information, purchase history, and website behavior – to give users a customized experience.

Currently, ModernAI is in a closed beta. The team plans to leverage a SaaS model whereby users pay a low monthly fee and a small percentage revenue share, but the exact details are still to be confirmed.

Wellington shared that he is open to working with strategic partners to help ModernAI offer more features. “We’re cognizant that we can’t build it all,” he said, noting a need for tools like chargeback management and data analytics.

“Working on ModernAI is a dream come true,” asserted Wellington. “This is really exciting stuff. We’re coming up with things I never thought were possible.” He hopes that this platform will enable brands to solve their most vexing eCommerce platforms and achieve their maximum potential.


Riley Kaminer