BeMe Health clinches $1.5M in funding, partners with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas to improve teen mental health

By Riley Kaminer

In an ambitious move to transform teenage mental health support, Miami-based digital behavioral health company BeMe Health has secured a $1.5 million investment from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. 

This strategic partnership aims to make a meaningful impact on the lives of approximately 20,000 Kansas teens, at a time when access to mental health resources is more critical than ever. BeMe Health has previously received funding from Walmart heir Carrie Walton Penner through Fiore Ventures, Flare Capital, Polaris Partners, California Health Care Foundation, and others.

Led by CEO Nicoletta Tessler, a psychologist and mother with deep roots in the Miami community, BeMe Health stands out with its innovative approach to addressing the pressing mental health crisis among teenagers. Tessler’s vision for the company is both personal and professional. As a mother of teenage daughters and a seasoned psychologist, she recognized the stark need for a modern solution that resonates with today’s youth.

“Our mission is simple: we combine engaging technology and human touch to help all teens become the best versions of themselves,” Tessler told Refresh Miami.

The platform, which Tessler describes as “ever-improving,” has seen exponential growth since its inception in September 2021, with a user base that now includes over 170,000 teens. The additional funding will be channeled into further enhancing the platform’s features and maintaining its clinical rigor.

“Our kids are the future of Kansas, and they are struggling with mental health challenges today more than ever,” Matt All, President/CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, shared in a statement. 

“Traditional teen mental health solutions often fall short, leaving many without access to timely support that can change their lives for the better,” All continued. “BeMe’s platform offers a transformative solution, and it couldn’t come at a more critical time for teens and families in Kansas and across the nation.”

Tessler’s team, affectionately known as “beamers,” stands at 44 strong and is fully distributed. This remote operation allows for a diverse pool of talent that contributes to the platform’s dynamic nature, which Tessler likens to “a new company every six months.” 

Tessler and BeMe’s VP of Finance are based in Miami. Co-founder and CTO/CPO Mandeep Dhillon (pictured above) was previously a product manager at Facebook. Before that, he founded parent/child social platform Togetherville, which was eventually acquired by Disney.

One of the most anticipated features is the introduction of a community element within the app. “Our Teen Advisory Board, which includes many people from Florida, was instrumental in shaping this,” says Tessler. “They wanted a space where they could openly share their moods and experiences – a Mood Crew, if you will.”

As for the future, Tessler envisions BeMe Health becoming a leader in scalable mental health solutions with a SaaS-like model. These funds will help to make that dream come to life by accelerating the pace at which BeMe develops its product.

Tessler is excited about the Miami tech scene. A native of Boca Raton, she left South Florida to go to college but eventually made it back years later. She used to run the Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital and received her Executive MBA from UM.

“Our city has always had potential,” Tessler said. “Now, as we’re starting to gain traction, I see a bright future for BeMe here, too.”


Riley Kaminer