Building in Notion? You’re not alone anymore, thanks to upcoming ‘Notion en Miami’ event

By Riley Kaminer

If you’re one of the millions of people using Notion, you are likely already aware of the company’s strong global community. But did you know that in September, you’ll have the chance to network and hear from some of the top builders in the local Notion community?

September 14th, to be exact – from 6 to 9pm at the Ideas Center at Miami Dade College. At the core of the event will be a series of lectures given by a diverse range of around eight Notion ninjas primarily coming from the tech sector. Topics will include the main Notion workflows such as project management, relationship management, and database organization.

For those unfamiliar with Notion: it’s a no-code app and website that you can use to keep track of notes, documentation, tasks, events, databases, shared knowledge, and more.

At the helm of Notion en Miami is Ernesto Mandowsky. When he’s not toiling deep in the Notion mines, Mandowsky runs CPD Advisors, a consulting firm that helps companies level up the systems that power their business (Notion included). A regular fixture at Miami tech events, Mandowsky and team work with a handful of local tech organizations including the Shrimp Society and Seaworthy Collective.

Mandowsky told Refresh Miami that he first got interested in Notion in August 2020, after having written the manuscript for a book about the life path that led him to his current work. “I eventually realized that I had to go all-in on this,” he said. “I was so fascinated to see how interconnected information can be. It was so helpful to see all this info.”

This foray into Notion dovetailed nicely into Mandowsky’s previous work as a Chief of Staff for startups in New York where “the biggest pain point was a lack of visibility.” Previously, Mandowsky worked at Deloitte, where he saw many of the same issues. “Everyone can use Notion to centralize all their info and democratize communications within a company.

Mandowsky is a native of North Miami who landed in New York after college at the University of Florida. He came back to Miami in the midst of the pandemic, eventually getting involved in our local tech scene in 2021.

“I saw that all these major cities that have Notion events, and I thought, ‘what about Miami?’ Then I remembered a quote I heard, ‘If no one will accept you to be a speaker, then build your own stage.’ That’s what this event is.”

The event is free to attend. This accessibility was important for Mandowsky, enabling all local Notion enthusiasts to join. “This event won’t be a three-day conference, but rather an intro to showcase how active our local Notion community is.” He also hopes that the networking will result in business opportunities for those that take part.

Learn more and register for Notion en Miami here, or sign up to get involved here.


Riley Kaminer