COVID stories: How EveryMundo navigates crisis, plus ways to get help, give back

By Nancy Dahlberg

This is part of a series of news roundups about startups and organizations in the South Florida tech community navigating the COVID-19 pandemic in different ways. Send items for consideration to [email protected] and please stay healthy and keep your families safe.

‘A CRASH COURSE IN CRISIS MANAGEMENT’: EveryMundo shows how it’s done

When you service an industry that has been devastated by COVID-19, what do you do? If you are EveryMundo, you do everything you can to help your customers get back on their feet.

Miami-based EveryMundo, the world leader  in fare marketing technology for airlines, works with more than 50 airlines, one of the hardest hit industries in the COVID-19 crisis. So EveryMundo created a series of Restart & Re-Acquire Playbooks with actionable steps to help its airline customers be ready to restart on day 1 and help make their recovery strategy as effective as possible.

“We created these playbooks to guide the efforts of our existing airline customers as they emerge from the current paralysis and start selling flights again,” said Seth Cassel, president of EveryMundo, who co-founded the company with Anton Diego. “So far, it has been very well-received.”

But let’s back up a bit. First, EveryMundo had to do everything it could to survive so that the homegrown tech company could thrive again on the other side of the COVID crisis. That included the painful step of a round of layoffs and salary reductions, among many other cost-cutting moves. The company secured a PPP loan and has been working with its bank, Iberia, about increasing options. And EveryMundo, which also has offices in Hong Kong and Quito, Ecuador, has been “doing granular financial planning like we have never done before,” Cassel said.

“It’s been a crash course in crisis management,” he continued.  “At first it was incredibly frightening because there weren’t all these tools available and we were staring into the abyss of the unknown and now it is a little more comfortable in the sense that there is a plan and we are working through it. It’s very bleak at moments but then you step out of that and realize this too shall pass and we’ll be a better company for it, I’ll be a better executive for it.”

Next, EveryMundo asked, how can we be the most help to our 50-plus airline customers? The company decided to  focus its time and resources into creating its Restart & Re-Acquire Playbooks.

 “It’s a very direct, honest output on our part to share with everybody how airlines can do their best in a very tough situation as they come back… “It’s very tactical advice,” Cassel said. “The world is very here and now right now.”

“Our industry will be different when things settle. I don’t know what that will look like yet, but I’m trying to manage the process to get there and take solace in the fact my team has proven to be incredibly resilient and of incredible high character,” Cassel said. “For the most part our customers have shown us reciprocal support as we have given our support. Week to week we are making moves. Our hope now is we can see some sort of restart date. It feels like it is getting closer.”

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GETTING HELP: Knight, Krillion Ventures partner to offer one-on-one coaching

The Knight Foundation has partnered with Krillion Ventures to provide entrepreneurs actionable advice and information in this time of Covid. Through their initiative, SWOT305, founders can get proactive, customized coaching to help them make smart, thoughtful and fast decisions in these unprecedented times.

 Krillion Ventures managing partner Melissa Krinzman has helped entrepreneurs steer through other recessions and has stepped up again with this free offering. She and ed-tech serial entrepreneur Jamie Nacht Farrell will help entrepreneurs strategize a way through their own realities and come up with their own actionable game plan. Apply by signing up through its website, where the form will ask you about your current needs and they will get back to you with next steps if they are a good fit. Find out more here.

GIVING BACK: A pop-up market to feature small businesses

Thynk Global, a new co-working space in Little River targeted at female minorities, has launched a pop-up digital market to help businesses owned by women of color. The market includes 3D printed jewelry, natural skincare products, plant-based foods, apparel, art and more. The campaign, called Stronger Togethergives those small businesses an online platform with the goal of increasing online sales for local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. For anyone who enters the promo code THYNKGLOBAL20 on the site of the participating vendors, will receive a special discount or deal.

 Co-founders Maghan Morin and Jeanine Suah  (pictured below) opened Thynk Global’s doors just before the pandemic. But it is spearheading a new virtual membership program, which provides small business owners with access to Thynk Global’s virtual events.


GIVING BACK: Helping the city’s most vulnerable

Travelspective and Catalyst Miami have partnered to launch the Local Investor campaign to raise money to help our city’s most vulnerable people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign is launching on BRIDGE Miami, Travelspective’s new online tool that curates the great things happening in our city to amplify and support local businesses and organizations during this crisis. All proceeds from the Local Investor merchandise sales will support Catalyst Miami’s ongoing community services and continuing to amplify and connect Miami. 

People can participate in Local Investor by buying a $30.50 T-shirt or other merchandise in the store or  making a donation on the Bridge.Miami website or donating directly to Catalyst Miami. The T-shirts were designed by Miami native Arlene Delgado, and the goal is to sell 5,000 of them. Travelspective is a Miami based startup building a mobile and TV platform that allows you to search, see and experience what’s happening around you and around the world.

The campaign will run for at least two months. For more information, visit Bridge.Miami


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