Cue the kombucha: OpenStore’s recently expanded office is oh-so-Miami

By Riley Kaminer

In a move signaling its growth and commitment to #MiamiTech, OpenStore has doubled its office space to 27,000 square feet at its current location in The Gateway at Wynwood. This additional space will house their growing team while doubling down on their engagement with the local community.

OpenStore’s newly extended workspace features 26 conference rooms, each named after renowned DJs, paying tribute to Miami’s dynamic music culture. Rooms range from “Paris Hilton” to “Main Stage,” with OpenStore CEO Keith Rabois singling out “Kygo” as his favorite. These spaces are designed to enhance creative collaboration and idea exchange among team members.

The well-being of its employees is a top priority for OpenStore, and the new office layout reflects this ethos. A Wellness Room is now part of the infrastructure, created to cater to mental, physical, and maternal needs. This quiet and peaceful space allows employees to step away from their busy schedules and recharge

This corporate expansion provided an opportunity for OpenStore to grow its relationship with local Miami businesses. The startup now offers beverages from Great Circle Coffee Roasters, Panther Coffee, and Radiate Kombucha in its office, underscoring its commitment to community engagement. 

OpenStore’s new kitchen features local coffee brands.

“We work with entrepreneurs –– that’s our whole business model –– so working with local companies to stock our kitchen was a no-brainer,” Matthew Haehl, OpenStore’s Head of People, told Refresh Miami. “It helps that the products we source from Miami companies are truly exceptional, so major shout-outs to Great Circle Coffee Roasters, Panther Coffee, and Radiate Kombucha for keeping us going as we work.”

OpenStore also encourages civic participation through employee-run philanthropic initiatives, notably via its OpenArms group, which offers various volunteer opportunities. “It’s a way for employees to better connect with the city and each other, as many people are new to Miami,” Haehl noted. “We want to be active participants in the community and pay it forward wherever possible, whether it is a park cleanup or giving back around the holiday season.”

Eighty-one of OpenStore’s 125 team members are based in Miami, with 75% having relocated to the city specifically to join the company. OpenStore’s significant investment in office space and community engagement initiatives affirm its bullish outlook on Miami as a tech hub.

“From our point of view, the Miami tech scene boasts a feeling of excitement and drive that other US tech hubs have lost in recent years,” Haehl explained. “As a company, we’re tapping into existing exceptional talent present in Miami, and contributing to the ecosystem by attracting even more talent to make the jump to Miami, and by contributing to the community at large.”

In the short term, Haehl emphasized that OpenStore is focused on making running Shopify businesses better for entrepreneurs through a wide range of offerings – from acquisition to day-to-day management. But their longer-term goal is much broader.

“Ultimately, we are a tech company, so our focus is building tech and tools that make running brands seamless,” he said. “Our team’s growth and this new office are in service of that mission of perfecting the art of running brands.”

“Longer-term, our goal is to bring serendipitous discovery to online shopping – more on this is coming in the coming months!”

OpenStore’s office expansion at The Gateway at Wynwood includes a new common area.


Riley Kaminer