Miami-based Index Health secures $6M seed round

Index Health, a Miami-based startup that uses telemedicine to treat illnesses by providing an innovative and personalized approach, raised $6 million in a seed round led by LAUNCHub Ventures and Inovo Venture Partners.

The  healthtech startup offers a “data-driven and personalized approach” to a medical treatment called  “ root cause” or  “functional medicine,” using lab tests, specialized staff and personalization.

Index Health was founded by Luka Ivicevic, who was inspired to build  Index Health after his ailing mother only found relief with functional medicine after countless visits to other doctors. “I started thinking, why doesn’t everyone have access to this type of medicine: personalized, data-driven, root cause, proactive instead of reactive?” Ivicevic told Refresh Miami last year.

Luka Ivicevic, CEO of Index Health

Index Health, founded in December 2020, focuses mainly on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hormonal and autoimmune disorders.  The company’s services are offered in Florida, Virginia and New Hampshire.

The company plans to use the funding to higher top-tier medical professionals and engineering talent and aims to expand across the US.

“One million members in three years is our target, and it is feasible, no question about that. The root-cause method proves its superior effectiveness to the ubiquitous prescription medicine. Our first cohort of test patients registered an 80% improvement via the root-cause method compared to what was tried before with chronic disease treatment,” Ivicevic said in a statement.

Ivicevic, Index Health’s CEO, told TechCrunch Index Health collects 1,000+ data-points using advanced lab tests to make the most precise overview of why a disease is occurring in an individual’s body. “Based on this data, we make a treatment that’s personalized for them and their condition.”

Ivicevic is a second-time founder. Prior to Index Health, he started a venture-funded digital bank in Europe called Penta. Ivicevic stepped down as CEO and moved to Miami to start his new venture, Refresh Miami reported last year.

“When I started Penta, I didn’t know anything about banking, and that gave me a different perspective on how simple it should be,” said Ivicevic. Instead of taking an old medical system and trying to adapt it to today’s day-in-age, Ivicevic and his team built something for today’s tech and data-heavy world from the get-go, Ivicevic said then. “Google and Facebook have so much information about us, but why don’t our doctors?”


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